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Extra TV points - New TV Outlets

as many as you want. anywhere you want



BEWARE!! Do not just get ANYBODY to do your TV points!

We are often called out to fix what others have started or made a mess of. With all due respect to guys who are out to make a living for themselves, we have sen the shocking or less than experienced work of handymen, electricians and even other antenna installation services make a mess of other TV points whist attempting to install an additional TV point. 

"Get it done right, the first time!"

Exactly, where can you install an extra TV point?

  • The Bedroom
  • Kid's Room
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Rumpus
  • Spare Bedroom 
  • Anywhere you want!
  • As many as you want!

TV Magic install extra TV points or new TV points for all sorts of reasons. For a lot of our customers it's because the husband/wife or kid's just can't decide what it is that that want to watch, so they'd prefer to have additional TV points in and around the house for the flexibility that they can provide. 

4. extra tv points

"As many as you want, anywhere you want"

This is our claim when it comes to installing TV points. Whether it be in a new building or in an existing premises; our specialist tools, experience and tricks of the trade allow us run cable down wall cavities of all kinds and put TV points in places where others say it cannot be done. For those multi-level, more difficult jobs we will always give you the option to install an extra TV point in complete concealment.

New TV Points should be installed by a specialist

Adding extra TV points can be detrimental to your existing TV points if you already have weak signal. But how would you or anyone else know if you had weak signal if you didn't have the right gear? We have the gear and know how to accurately determine what has to be done to have as many TV points as you want; and how it will effect your overall antenna system. Just remember - a commercial building (with 500 outlets) still only has one (1) antenna so when we say you can have as many TV points as you want, we're not kidding!

Need an extra TV point installed/additiona TV outlets?

TV Magic technicians have all the right gear to properly install an extra TV point without mucking up your other TV points or making your TV reception worse (see below). Installing a TV point isn't hard (well not for us anyway) but we see time and time again serious technical errors in the way in which other contractors or less than knowledgeable persons have installed or attempted to install a TV point.  You see most people are sensible enough to acknowledge that attempting to install a TV point themselves is a recipe for disaster, not to mention will probably end in tears of frustration. This still is no excuse for electricians and 'handymen' who think they know Televisions who install TV points but then TV Magic end up costing the customer a second call out from TV Magic to fix what they have started.  If you want a good job done and done right, the first time Call TV Magic or make a booking online.

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"Inside walls, units, double story, commercial buildings are our specialty! We must admit, we do extra TV points for a living, we're the guys that crawl through the hot ceilings and under houses on a daily, even hourly basis. We enjoy a challenge! If you have been told that a TV point 'cant go there' we  GUARANTEE YOU THAT IT CAN! The idea of 'digital TV points' is that the hardware (coax cable and components etc) deliver a minimum standard of Digital Signal Strength (DSS) & Digital Signal Quality (DSQ) for all channels across all points. When we install a TV point we guarantee all channels, all networks will have this strength and quality to deliver perfect TV reception for a decade to come. "