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    TV Tuning

    TV Tuning experts

  • Not sure where
    the Cables go?

    Too much cable spaghetti?

  • What may take
    you ten hours

    may only take us 10min!

  • and
    Best Picture


  • plus you'll get
    the best sound


  • Then we'll
    show you

    how to work your simple system!


(1800 TV Magic)




We all have trouble tuning the latest television we just bought. So, with all the buttons, features and options - is it really worth it to just pay 
someone to do the tv tuning for you? 
Of course! 

Not only will the digital TV tuning be done quicker and safer, it's all the small touches and tricks of the trade that professional digital TV tuning technicians know that makes the difference. 


Professional TV Tuning - All the benefits 

  • We come to you - no more bringing your tv in or anything like that.
  • Channels on the right numbers!
  • Tv tuning involves calibrating/getting the best picture your particular panel can display
  • Getting the best audio 
  • Are you getting 'repeat' channels?
  • Does your tv pixel? This isn't always the tv antenna but a matter of correct tuning! 
  • Is there channels you don't watch? Like sbs radio? or fuzzy channels?
  • Correct aspect ratio settings for your other equipment
  • Optimal tuning and connection of ALL your other av equipment besides your digital tv - using the best cables and connections so you are getting the best picture and sound from your dvd player, games, hd recorder and so forth.
  • Tuning of your amplifier & surround sound if you have this, correct setup, speaker calibration, speaker positioning can take hours... but not for us; maybe 30min to an hour (AND WE'VE DONE IT A THOUSAND TIMES!) Plus! We nearly ALWAYS make it sound that much better that any customer (with an un-trained ear) says "Oh that sounds way better!" 
  • Correct Power on/off settings (this has an effect on the lifespan and performance of your digital tv and equipment)
  • Cable management /tidy - we'll take care of it for you
  • Some coaching and demonstrating! After all, your job might be easy for us and only take us 5 to 10min - e.g we come in, press one, two, three buttons and **SHAZAM***!! she's all done. But you will want to know how to work it and so therefore we have made it our business to be the experts in Customer Satisfaction, we will speak english, we will show you how to operate everything easily and, I repeat, "we speak english"! :) (it just so happens to be that that's all we speak ;)