So you're after big picture and big sound - A Cinema package? TV Magic has most of this gear in stock (brand new from the box) ready to install for you. We will install your chosen package professionally from start to finish. All packages include: 

  • Free Initial consultation
  • We shop for all the gear - (free delivery etc)
  • Professional Installation which includes professional audio and visual calibrations
  • All your required cables! (These can cost over $500 alone for the good, long 10m cables)
  • All mess cleaned up/boxes removed
  • Full Tuning & setup, HD PVR (HD set top box with recording capabilities)
  • Full coaching, demonstration on use of your equipment (job code: show & demonstrate. free of charge)
  • Finally, 12 months free after sales service! And all equipment/manufacturer's warranties are covered by the TV Magic Warranty Policy (If we supplied it - we'll take care of all the hassle for you!)
  • AND! For a limited time - 1x Free Touch Screen KAMELEON universal remote - fully programmed! (RRP $550!)


TV Magic cinema packages and media room installations cater for a vast range of budgets. Click on the categories below to see all the packages within that range. 
The first class standards of TV Magic's home cinema installations are extremely popular. This is why we have a variety of options for our customers to peruse through here on the website. You may call us anytime or use the contact us form if you have questions of any nature (we shall promptly call you back to discuss your needs or even visit your empty home cinema room/drawing plans for a free consultation).
From experience we're use to fulfilling a vast range of expectations and bridging the gap between delivering the perfect home cinema installation and having it the way you want it. Knowing how a home theatre system ticks allows us to tailor any package or installation process so that it caters to your chosen expectations. We of course can advise and recommend if you are unsure about anything. 
We are now installing these packages quite regularly! To ensure we can install your home cinema as quickly as possibly please peruse through all the various packages to discover what makes up a cinema room system. This will give you a 'guage' of what it is you are wanting to achieve from your home entertainment experience. Alternatively you can call/contact us and we can advise you of which system will suit you and answer any questions you have. On the other hand, if you already have or have had a home cinema room and know a little bit about them I can guarantee you this:- Our new Home theatre packages will leave them for dead! 
As professional home theatre installers we know how to execute all the small, fine technical touches that make a huge difference in the way your system sounds and the way it works. All cinema packages are designed with the most perfect and ideal compatible equipment combinations for system performance (something that even a lot of floor salespeople don't do well because they don't install or work with the equipment they sell!). All compatible combinations are also designed to achieve 1. High Performance; whilst achieving 2. Elegance and 3. Ease of use! No particular emphasis is placed on any one of those three (they are all important!) Afterall, the easier it is to use - the greater your satisfaction and the more you and you're friends/family are going to want to use it!
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About the MAGIC Pack deluxe. 

The package includes and features: 

•  Yamaha 2013 Series Receiver w/5.1, HDMI switching ‘AdventegeSeries 

•  Yamaha 225 Subwoofer 

•  EPSON EH-TW5000 Full HD projector 

•  Massive 250cm Projector Screen 

•  Yamaha NS50 5.1 Speaker pack 

•  HD PVR (personal video recorder) for Digital TV viewing & Recording 

•  BluRay/DVD Player 

•  Fully Installed 

•  Free Touch screen Universal remote valued to$550! (Fully programmed) 

•  Free 12month after sales care! 

•  (iPhone not incl.)

NOW JUST $5950! (RRP $7860)

This is superb home cinema package. Packaged with the latest technology (bluray and full HD projector, surround sound and a state of the art universal remote control - you are going to be proud to own this Home Theatre gear!)

Why are the packages so heavily discounted? 

TV Magic does not have a shop front or display rooms. Our overheads are significantly less, allowing us to save that $ for the customer and/or put those savings into the equipment and/or quality of the installation. We consider this as 'smart business' (just the way we tailor our home cinema packages -smart!) The 'fancy home cinema room company' offer inflated prices to cover their overheads - there is no secret there.  Without a 'showroom' we can show you the next best thing. We can allow you to peruse through photos of home cinema/media room installations we have done (many of which are on our website) or in the initial consultation. 

Call us now to arrange a free consultation. If you're existing home cinema room needs an upgrade or a technician to set it right again; this is also part of our service.