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TV Magic have designed, installed and serviced hundreds of home theatre and media rooms for over a decade. Above is one of our latest installations. Below is another full day installation caught by a GO Pro camera compressed down in 2min. For all your cinema room and home theatre installation consult with one of our technicians for a full appraisal. 


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Professional Cinema Room Installation

TV Magic are cinema room installation & design professionals. Call us out for a free on-site consultation to view our gallery of hundreds of media room and cinema room installations we have done. From transforming your living room into a media room to a designated cinema room with curtains, carpet, paint and props we can bring the big screen and the whole movie cinema feel into your home. Call us today! 

Home Theatre Installation, Design, Setup and professional Surround Sound Calibrations

TV Magic will take care of your basic Home Theatre/surround sound setup, whether it be a simple 'lifestyle system' or you are designing a designated media room in your house from Top to Bottom. 

There is nothing better than watching your favourtie movie, TV show or the sport on the BIG SCREEN. You don't have to drag the whole family down to Birch CARROLL & Coyle when you have your own Home Theatre in your house that is professionally calibrated and installed!  

Home Theatre Installations with BIG pictures and BIG sound. Quality installations are about the features, calibrations and choice of equipment. Just like you can't put a Toyota Part in a Mitsubishi car, you wouldn't want to put certain types of equipment together either if you want the system to work to optimal potential. One of the major complaints we hear is one of, a lack of user-friendliness. This is due mostly to poor choice or combination of equipment that are not compatible with one another.

Media Room Design, Home Cinema Installation

Performance, Elegance, Simplicity is our motto when it comes to media room design and home cinema installation

If you are in the market for your very home cinema room, look no further than - TV Magic. We know what brands make a great home cinema, and how to make any media room user friendly. There comes a time when the line in the sand must be drawn when it comes to your budget. Whilst some people may be able to afford $100k+, others will only be able to afford $1k - $5k for their entire cinema room. We would suggest that if you were to go out and get all the equipment yourself and then pay us to install it:- then like most you will end up paying more than if we do up a tailored package (guided by you in the first place). We will simply come up for a free consultation, have a quick chat, ask a few questions to ascertain your expectations of your media room and then make some suggestions and recommendations. Give us a call on 1800 TV Magic!