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As professionals we still often hear from our customers about how many tradies don't clean up after themselves. With TV Magic however, we have one motto: CONFUSCIUS SAYS "ONE WHO MAKES MESS - CLEANS MESS" . And it is as simple as that. When a TV Magic technician visits your premises there is no asking twice. In fact there is no need to ask at all. We would simply feel that we have done the wrong thing if we left your premises in a dirtier state than what it was before we came. Just another reason why you should not call any old Jack, James, Jim or Dick. 


The Latest trend in TV's 2017

The latest look and the latest trend in home entertainment, speakers and televisions is white frames, white speakers, picture frames and hidden/concealed televisions. America has been big on this for over 5 years. This stuff is just beginning to hit Australia. TVs that look like a mirror on the wall until it is turned on and TVs hidden by a picture is the way to go in 2017 ... If you want advice on this you know who to call! We are getting enquiries of this nature on a weekly basis now. We have the suppliers and professional know how. Having also seen a number of scenarios and different options we have our own wisdom and advice to pass on all the pros and cons with what you may be thinking. So, if you are in the market for a new television or an additional television perhaps the latest trend is something you are looking for. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

A day in the life of TV Magic Lismore

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