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  • TV
    Wall Mounting

    by TV Magic

  • Any Brand
    Any Size

    Any Where

  • We can always


  • TV Wall Brackets
    for all


  • TV Wall

    In the bedroom

  • We supply
    the bracket

    for cheaper installation!

  • Wall Mount your TV
    in your

    Home Cinema!

  • Where others said
    "It can't go there"

    We say it can!

  • Premium Installations
    with the Budget price!

    Recessed walls, or No walls!

  • All TV Wall Mounting
    is done by..

    ..TV Magic!

  • Do you want Wall Mounting
    with that extra ..

    Magic Touch?

  • Wall Mounting

    with Solutions to everything

  • Your TV
    will love you

    If you put it on the wall!

TV Wall Mounting 

"any brand, any size, anywhere"

Why does our TV Wall Mounting look so good?

  • Firstly we make it level. But anyone can do that! Have you tried making an arm bracket level? The rubbers in the joins at the pivot points give, as the weight of the tv (up to 40kg+) cause a levelled bracket to bend & look uneven. Some so called professionals havn't figured this one out!

  • Making a tv on the wall is a very small insignificant part of the job. It's the finer details that make it an art form.

  • We love wall mounting tv's that much that we have set some records and often out-perform or even get asked to re- wall mount a job done by a competitor. 

  • Everything from A-Z - we have a 26 point trade secret check point list that helps us to stand out above the rest.

  • We believe in quality vs. speed of service when it comes to putting a tv on the wall

  • Acoustics and visual check - what size of tv is being put on the wall? and what brand?

  • We supply and do the shopping for our clients for the best possible picture. 

  • Professional tuning & cables used - make all the difference - this is another of our specialties that supports our unparalleled wall mounting service 

  • Digital antenna experts - Guarantees your tv reception is not going to let the tv on the wall picture go astray

  • Lastly, we get you. We regularly and arduously critique our customer satisfaction. We know what YOU really want and understand your unique and personal desires.


Whether it's your plasa, LCD, LED or smart TV we can wall mount your TV and conceal the cables. Regardless of what type of wall it's on we can conceal the cables! TV's are getting trickier with their curvy backs and skinny designs. Never before has it been harder to fit a TV bracket to the back of some of the new TV's. If you don't know what I mean, then just take our word for it! 

Also with all the newer TV's having fixed power cables:- this is proving to be a job that is best left to the professionals. TV Magic safely and securely wall mount your TV with ALL cables concealed making it look a million bucks! Watch this video to see how TV's are a danger to your children & pets. 

TV Wall Mounting Service, Concealed Cables, Safety & Aesthetically pleasing   

A TV on a stand left unanchored is a danger to your young children and pets. New insurance stats reveal a whopping 35% of total televisions in households with toddlers/small children topple over with over 49% of those resulting in serious injury. Don't leave it to chance.. secure your TV on the wall today. 

A TV on the wall looks a million bucks doesn't it? When the cable spaghetti is gone, when all the cables are hidden, you may just find that you are watching TV for the sake of it, admiring your monitor, floating there on the wall without focussing intently on what's actually on the screen!! 

Children are unpredictable. They love to climb, pull, throw stuff, kick balls and in general do not understand the implications of every action they take. Making sure your home is child friendly includes mounting your televisions on the wall. Recent insurance stats and the number of damage reports we are called out to do on a weekly basis, we can tell you 2 x thing: 1. Birds are good for business (TV antennas) 2. Not so funny, - TV's left unachored on stands are toppling over:- left, right and centre.