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TV Magic is a complete TV, antenna and home theatre installation service

Meet the team. We are busy button pushing, cable plugging, ladder climbing, wall mounting, TV tuning and making local cinemas jealous all over Australia! 

Servicing Brisbane, Sydney, CanberraIpswich, Redcliffe, Toowoomba, TownsvilleWarwick, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, MelbournePerth, Adelaide, Beaudesert, Gympie & Northern Rivers, NSW

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About Shane Seymour

"Shane Seymour is a master technician, small business expert, company Franchisor, marketing genius, award-winning speaker and co-author. His DVD "Be your Own Boss" features the well known TV Magic Franchise Documentary. Shane has helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs start their own highly-profitable and rewarding business; across a myriad of industries. In addition to helping start-ups, Shane Seymour has helped countless small business owners take their business from 'surviving mode' to 'thriving mode'. Whilst Shane is a remarkable coach and leading business mentor, his primary enterprise is TV Magic.
TV Magic is Australia's (and perhaps the World's) biggest service centre that has no call centre! If UBER is the World's biggest Taxi Company but it owns no cars.. If YouTube is the biggest Video platform yet it owns no content.. If AirBNB is the biggest global accommodation provider but it owns no real estate.. TV Magic is the biggest service call taking centre but it owns no call centre! What does this mean? Shane Seymour has resolved the BIGGEST, MOST-OUT-DATED "blockage" of traditional franchise/big company business models and FRANCHISED IT. It was this innovation, that led us to receiving the AWARD for the MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY FOR 2018 Finalist in the ASIA-PACIFIC BUSINESS EXCELLENCE FORUMS.  Where, once upon a time the only option you had was to speak to a receptionist / call centre - to get in touch with your "Local Guy". TV Magic has none of that nonsense! That traditional business model is dead! That's so 1990's! That's so 20th century thinking.
Welcome to TV Magic. Where you call your local technician direct! Contact your local tech here. They are the one and only professional you need to communicate with and boy are they good! They've stood on his shoulders and they are directly responsible for creating the magnificent reputation that TV Magic has acquired over the years. With more than 556,000 people have been exposed to the Magic brand and having serviced over 36,000 loyal, happy customers through-out Australia the TV Magic train is moving! Get in touch with your local technician today (Click here). If you want to join the team - act quickly, as very exclusive and genuinely, very scarce opportunies/territories remain! We are looking for the very best star players to honour our incredible reputation and look after the most important people of all - our rich and extensive database of A class clientele. 

Click below to book online. Your local technician will receive an instant text message to call you promptly.