Helping Children

Hungry Kids

Right here in Australia, children go hungry; without lunch at school. Paul from Assembly Magic, Sunshine Coast teams up with 91.9 SeaFM to done and feed hungry kids. 

TV Magic sponsors Orphaned Children in Thailand

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Cane Toads

A revolutionary and humane way of culling this poisonous pest that is rapidly spreading across Australia

Culling Cane Toads3SMALL


We are developing Australia's Largest and Most Comprehensive Touriest/Travel guide to the 1200+ Big Things of Australia
We truly are lucky to live on this magnificient island and continent. Our home is a popular tourist destination for foreigners from all over the globe. 
We house some of the most impressive sculptures and monuments in the world. Some of them hold world-records! 
TV Magic is on a mission to visit every single one of these iconic "BIG THINGS" in Australia - To find it, rate it, rank it, report on it and score it. 
How big is it really 725

Kids Abroad

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