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 Universal Remote controls

That are guaranteed to be easy! Press 1 button & watch your system come alive!

A Universal remote control may save your TV screen! OR the wrong universal remote may break it as well! All too often, universal remote controls are left un-used or unwanted because they, themselves are too complicated - but not a TV Magic universal remote. 

Universal Remote - That is guaranteed to work!

Having total control is what everybody wants from a universal remote! It does take having 1. The right universal remote 2. Programmed well; really well so that it is easy to use. 


Making your TV or home theatre system user friendly is an art-form and it may be complimented by a well programmed universal remote. The macro programming of a remote needs to operate in a fashion that is 'idiot proof' so that the customer is safe from 'sabotaging' or 'stuffing up' the setup. And that's what TV Magic specialise in! 

Universal remotes are a small investment

Don't put a fist or the remote through the TV screen!  Have you ever wanted to just turn on your whole system with the press of a button? One button that is? Well you can! Every wanted to turn off the whole system with the press of one button? Same deal.  Our TV Magic universal remotes can do just that, plus cook you breakfast (well almost). But they most certainly make any intimidating system a piece of cake even for the users that need the 'TV systems for idiots' book! 

The universal remote we program will be carefully chosen (as all have features, pros and cons for various systems) to be best suited for your system and its users. Turning on the surround sound, playing a dvd or doing some recording will now be a walk in the park compared to before when you had to juggle three, four, five or even six or more remotes. 

Why our customers love & buy our Universal Remote controls

  • All your equipment professionally tuned and setup
  • All your old remotes put aside for good! 
  • Universal Remote controls programmed at your place by a technician
  • Only the best universal remotes are used - ones that work! 
  • Not only are they affordable, you can't afford not to have one!
  • All universal remote codes guaranteed to work! or we won't do it!
  • Guaranteed full functionality - all functions of your original remote controls programmed in
  • Macro functionality - ONE BUTTON Automation - Don't get thumbled up with all your remotes ever again!
  • Simplicity - don't be pushing the wrong buttons that make you lose picture or sound - A well programmed universal remote saves this from ever happening! Ever!
  • The best universal remotes programmed by the best universal remote programmers! (Tv Magic - universal remotes.)

YOU COULD BE DOING IT ALL WRONG!  or just have the wrong gear.

Do you need An universal remote because you're sick of having too many remote controls?

We know all about universal remotes from years of experience dealing with hundreds of combinations of brands, universal remotes and situations. Contact Us with all your questions and we'll only be more than happy to give you advice.