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Multi-monitor viewing 

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We can make ONE BIG PICTURE across all monitors or set them up so they display difference sources / channels simultaneously. Creating a video wall is not just for airports and shopping centres. This is the latest craze that is finding its way into people's living rooms! Sure, we do our fair share of video wall installations on patio decks, sheds and entertainment areas. But people are also finding it can be handy for their Zoom Rooms/ Home conference rooms or even the kids! When you have multiple monitors you have so much flexibility. You can have various sources on silent, whilst only listening to music, or one channel. You may want the others on low volume so they're readily flickable to switch over the main screen when the ads come on... the flexibility is increased; when compared to just one TV! 

The latest craze of multiple monitors is not just for shopping centres!

You'll want to make sure you don't set yourself up for a headache by having remote control cross over/talk. This is easily prevented by getting all the gear /TV's through us. (We have a relationship with the retailers and get them cheaper for you anyway). That way you don't go buy all the same brand and have TVs turning over that you don't want to., when you're trying to control ONE PARTICULAR TV at a time   - -  not all at once !! etc..

Video walls for living rooms! not just entertainment areas..

Below are several photos of a small handful of our video wall installations. We're proud to say we've mounted them for Gyms, Target, Shopping Centres, Mazda showrooms, airports and even a few hundred mums and dads in various locations. Getting your Video wall can even make a great feature wall! Putting on a screensaver or fire pit video / ocean waves crashing can turn your wall into an eye-catching digital feature wall that allows you to change the scenery or feel of the room! Enquire about Floor to Ceiling Digital Video walls with us today! 

They make great feature walls as well! 

If you still think it's crazy to consume multiple sources simultaneously, well people are finding that it's just not the case! This has been back up by several scientific studies where the brain can comsume more content than you might imagine. Just consider the following situations ... a delightful dinner with friends, where 4 people are all talking all at once... hyperactive kids that relish on high stimulus .... your multi-tasking abilities .... you're sitting at the pub and just want something to watch, but more than one thing to watch ... you're listening to an audio book at 2x speed because you want to consume the book quicker.. these are all examples of how a video wall can improve your life! Now consider this:-  maybe you want to know what's on the other channels but don't want to hold the remote and flick around constantly....  or just can't decide whether it's the tennis or Farmer wants a wife or the motorsport you want to miss a second of... well if you had a video wall you wouldn't miss any! 

You won't miss a second if you can watch it all at once

Furthermore, projfectors are just not as good or bright as TV's. Getting a cinematic experience definitely comes from having large TV's. Now you can combine multiple TV's to make one big picture! This is not only done in airports and shopping centres, but people are installing these systems in their homes as well. 

Multi-Monitor, Multi TV Display, Video Walls



One Big Picture, or Mutiple Channels @ once

You choose..

Not just for Airports & Shopping Centres..

The video wall craze is hitting living rooms everywhere!


Multi TV Displays can be used in various ways..

Make a feature wall / window where you choose the scenery!