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Do you want Extra TV channels or your favourite foreign TV channels? Then a Satellite dish installation is for you. Free to air television in Australia only provides 29 local english speaking TV channels. You could be watching hundreds or even thousands of additional TV channels from all over the world. Extra channels are available in all languages and from over 100 countries. Book online or contact us for any questions about a satellite dish installation for you!

Satellite Dish Installation experts

TV Magic technicians are professional satellite dish installers who have over 8 years experience installing smaller KU band (up to 75cm) and C Band dishes up to 3m in diameter. KU band dishes and satellite installations will get you connected with the Asian satellites like FOXTEL, Globecast, Kurdsat, Christian TV, Some Indian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Mayalsian channels. Whilst the KU band dishes will connect to European satellites, Middle Eastern and Amercian satellites. 

Why it's good to have Satellite TV 

It's a good rainy, snuggly day for staying inside and watching free view TV - except there's nothing on! You go to the movies but that costs over $50 to take the whole family, you go to the video shop but you know that's a lot of effort and you're sick of paying over due fees! What about Pay TV? It's okay but that's the thing, it's only okay plus I know I'll get sick of it and then I am stuck in a contract! 

Surely there's got to be more TV channels I can get!

With a satellite dish installation you can. You can get hudreds! In Australia we really do miss out as far as the number of tv channels that are aired on free to air television. With a satellite dish installation you get more variety all absolutely free. 

To see a list of the more popular channels available in Australia Click Here Click Here

Be aware that this is just one satellite only! There are numerous others and hundreds of channels not listed here. You can get a satellite dish installed or use an existing and working dish on the roof to get hundreds of foreign channels including christian TV, god TV, Japanese channels, Indian Channels, Greek, Korean, Italian, christian radio channels and hundreds more!