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 High Antenna & antenna masts

Do you need to elevate the height of your antenna?

Do you live in a bad TV reception zone or 'Black Spot'?


We install extended antenna masts of all heights. Extended masts and extended poles for TV antenna installations is common practice when you happen to live in a neighbourhood or street where the TV reception is struggling for adequate signal. We have years of experience doing high antennas and extended antenna mast installations. 

In fact, many of our customers are recommending us years later saying that their antenna mast is still serving them perfect TV reception whilst their neighbours have had nothing but trouble. 

Below are some of the reasons as to why. We also believe in educating our customers and others in the industry.


  • Our antenna mast installations are always secured with stay bars, as guide wire can break and cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage! Every installation is designed to withstand 150km/h winds! Do you get that guarantee from anyone else? For your sake, we hope you do! 
  • Our other advantage is we have the technical equipment and experience - we know what 'going higher' is all about. All too often we see, a low gain, relatively average antenna put up high. The thing is, anyone should be able to understand this - the reason you go high is 1. You have bad TV reception and live in a bad TV reception area. Therefore an antenna is put up higher to get more signal. Doesn't it make sense to also use the antenna that gets more signal than other antennas?  
  • If you're not getting the an antenna that has +16db gain or higher, you're getting a low gain antenna and paying for the installation of a high mast when a high gain antenna would get just as much signal by being lower. Make sense? 

Other than that, we literally have the best testing equipment and years of experience doing extended antenna masts and elevated antenna poles up to any height. 

We also remove old un-necessary or unwanted antenna masts safely, removing all scrap if you no longer need high masts installed back in the 80's. 


Going Higher gets more signal!

There are times when you are the first in the street that is putting up the Big antenna. You're looking around and see that noone else has a high antenna. Often what you will find is that your neighbours are either on Pay TV or simply just put up with the poor TV reception because they believe they don't have any options! And that's what they may have been told by some professionals! TV Magic always has a 100% guaranteed solution. We've achieved perfect TV signals for more customers where the competition has given up than any other company. Whether it be to go higher or other guaranteed TV reception solutions. TV Magic will guarantee it or we won't install it!

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