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Townsville TV antenna installation, TV Tuning, TV wall mounting Service

I make all your TV Problems Disappear!

0473 495 555 (Gordon)

The services I provide in Townsville and surrounding areas include TV Tuning, Antenna Installation, TV Wall Mounting, Universal Remotes, Home Theatre Setup, TV Points, MATV, Free Pay Distribution, Vast installation, Starlink, Satellite dish installations and TV reception repair. Call 0473 495 555 to book me in, 7:00am - 5:30 pm Monday - Saturday, 9am - 1pm Sunday


TV Magic Townsville will make all your TV problems disappear. Gordon, your local tech has years of experience - fixing your TV reception, mounting your TV, installing TV points, Speakers, Home Theatre Systems, Satellite Dishes, Starlink, Christian TV, Foxtel Points, Vast TV and Commercial MaTV antenna Systems. Call Gordon today on 0473 495 555

Bespoke wall mounting installations are achieved by the TV Magic Townsville team. 


Making the most of your TV and home theatre system in Townsville is easy when TV Magic is around. We can literally transform the way you watch TV and experience your surround sound and home theatre system. 

For anything TV - Antenna or Home Theatre related; TV Magic are your one stop installation service in Townsville and the greater Townsville region. Call 0473 495 555.

My Radio Ad with Pictures - Townsville's Award Winning TV installation Service

Local Townsville TV antenna Installer Gordon - My other Services include..

Speaker Installation, Multi Room Audio, Home Theatre Calibration, Commercial AV systems, MaTV, Foxtel Distribution, Universal Remotes, Projector Bulb replacement, Dolby Atmos, THX calibrations, Multi Panel Wall Mounting and more. Speakers can be installed any where you desire! Where a cable can be run I can put a speaker there! 

Satellite Dish Installation - Foxtel, Foreign TV, Christian TV, Vast Installation and more

Where you need your Foxtel dish moved or installed I can help. I will install your satellite dish for optimal performance as well as putting it where you actually want it! (and not just where it's convenient for a foxtel installer - because of the time constraints placed upon them). Call me for a free quote. 

Townsville TV Wall Mounting & Hanging - all TVs - any brand - any size - any where!

Where there is a wall, there is a way! (Or often, no wall required!) I can mount Televisions in airports, cafes, shop windows, super-markets, aeroplane seats, yachts, living rooms, bali huts, outdoor decks, bedrooms, media rooms, bus stops, court yards, police stations, theme parks, or toilet doors. Where ever you want a TV (or multiple televisions) mounted at your home, business or public space Call me on 0473 495 555. 

Townsville Antenna Installation - Satellite Dish Installation - Booster Installation - Free Foxtel - Wall Mounting - TV Points - Universal Remotes - TV Damage Reporting - SoundBar Mounting - MATV - Vast - Projector Lamp replacement - Home Theatre Setup - Media Rooms - TV Tuning - Aerial Installation - Reception repair - Servicing Townsville and the greater region

Antenna Installation

Aitkenvale, Alice River TV Antenna ServicesAlva,  Annandale, Annandale Antenna Relocation ServiceAyr TV Handyman ServicesBarringhaBelgian GardensBurdell, Brandon, Bushland BeachBushland Beach Reception Repair, Bluewater Park, Cape Cleveland, CondonCungullaCurrajong, Cranbrook, Cosgrove, CludenDeeragun, Douglas Antenna InstallationDouglas High Antenna MastsElliot Springs Hermit Park, Harris CrossingGiruGarbutt, GuthalungraIdalia, Kelso, Kirwan Aerial InstallationMount Louisa, North Ward, North Ward Antenna InstallationRowes BayRoseneathTownsville, Townsville TV Antenna Installation, Townsville TV Aerial Installation,   ToolakeaTown Common ,  Townsville Reception Repair, Townsville Antenna Installers, Townsville Antenna Removal ServiceTownsville High Antenna Masts/ PolesTownsville Antenna Relocation ServicesTownsville TV Aerial Installers, Townsville TV Antenna Services,   Townsville Foxtel Point InstallationThuringowa Central, West End, Black River, Antenna Relocation, Kirwan, Jarvisfield,  Oonoonba Reception Repair, Oonoonba TV Wall Mounting, Oonoonba AntennaWoodstock TV Antenna Installation, Townsville,  Thuringowa Central Reception Repair, Home Hill Reception Repair / Antenna Installation, Wulguru Reception Repair, Wulguru, Harris Crossing, Stuart , YabuluAlice River, Rangewood, Rowes Bay, Rollingstone, Railway Estate,  Hermit Park ReceptionMurray, Mutarnee, PalumaMcDesme, Millchester,  Pimlico

Reception Repair

Alligator CreekBrookhill, Belgian Gardens, CondonCosgrove,  CludenCastle Hill, Douglas, Elliot SpringsKelso, Kirwan TV Reception RepairStuart, Oak Valley Julago, Shaw, Vincent, Cranbrook, Gumlow, YabuluAlice River, Toomulla, Toolakea,  TownsvilleTownsville TV Reception Repair, Mudingburra,

Satellite Dish Installation

Annandale, Annandale Satellite Dish RelocationAyr, Brandon,  Belgian Gardens, Bluewater Park, Cluden, CurrajongCluden TV Setup/ Reception Repair, Cosgrove, Cranbrook, Douglas,  Deeragun, Elliot Springs Hermit Park, Harris CrossingGumlow,  Idalia, Mount Louisa, Kirwan, Kirwan Satellite Dish Installation Oonoonba Satellite, Pimlico, Rowes Bay, Railway Estate, Roseneath, Thuringowa CentralTownsville, Townsville Satellite Dish Removal ServiceTownsville Satellite Dish Relocation Services,  Toomulla, Toolakea, West End, Home Hill Satellite Dish/ Foxtel Dish,Wulguru, Jarvisfield,  Ingham Foreign TV, , Ingham, South Townsville, South Townsville Christian TVVincent, Yabulu, Alice River, Rangewood, Rollingstone, Mysterton, Mudingburra

Booster Installation


Home Theatre Setup & Installation

Aitkenvale, Annandale Home Theatre InstallersBelgian Gardens, Brandon,  Bluewater Park,  Burdell Media Rooms Townsville, Cluden, Cosgrove, Cranbrook TV Handyman Services,Douglas,  Deeragun, Elliot Springs, Giru,  Gulliver,Harris CrossingHome Hill, Idalia Outdoor Speaker Installation, Kirwan Home Theatre SetupMystertonRailway EstateRowes Bay, Townsville, Townsville Home Theatre Setup, Townsville Home Cinema Setup, Townsville Home Cinema Design, Townsville Home Theatre Design,  RangewoodWest End, Black River, ToolakeaTownsville Media Room Installation, Townsville Projector Installation, Townsville Video Walls, Townsville Multi-TV Display Installations, Townsville Commercial AV , Townsville Christian TV, Tabulam, Thuringowa Home Cinema, Thuringowa Central,  Projector Lamp Replacement, Stuart, Ingham, Ingham Projector Lamp Replacement, JarvisfieldIngham Speaker Installation, Ingham Media Room Installation, Nome, North Ward Home Theatre Design and InstallationRoseneathSouth Townsville Projector Lamp Replacement, South Townsville Speaker Installation, Shaws, Shaws Soundbar Installation, Townsville Home Theatre TroubleshootingYabulu,

TV Wall Mounting

Townsville Samsung Frame TVs, AitkenvaleAlvaAlligator CreekAnnandale, BrandonBrookhillBelgian GardensBluewater, Bluewater Park, Cape Cleveland, CondonCurrajongCluden, Cungulla, Cosgrove, CranbrookDeeragun, Douglas, Elliot Springs, Giru, Guthalungra,   GumlowHermit ParkHidden TV's Townsville, Harris Crossing, Hyde Park,  Kirwan,   Idalia, Kelso,  North WardPimlico,  Mount Lousia, McDesme,  Roseneath, Rosslea, Rowes Bay,  Black River, Thuringowa Central TV Wall Mounting, Townsville, Townsville Mirror TV InstallationTownsville Vertical/Portrait TV Installation, TV Wall HangingToolakea,  ToomullaHarris Crossing, Ingham, Oak Valley, Nome, Julago, Jarvisfield, Vincent, YabuluAlice River, Rangewood, Rollingstone, Murray,  Townsville Samsung Frame TV Setups, 

TV Points

Alligator Creek, Alva,  Aitkenvale, Annandale, Annandale Extra TV PointsAyr, Brookhill, Brandon,  Belgian Gardens, Burdell, BowenCluden, Cungulla, Cape Cleveland, Condon, Cosgrove, CranbrookDeeragun, Douglas, Elliot Springs Hermit Park, Harris Crossing, IdaliaRowes BayRoseneath, Rosslea, Townsville, Toolakea, West End, Thuringowa Central TV Point Installation, Home Hill TV Wall Mounting, Wulguru, Belgian Gardens, Harris Crossing TV Point Installation, North WardPimlicoStuart, Ingham, Kirwan,  Oak Valley , Ooonoonba TV PointsMundingburra, McDesme, Jarvisfield,  Jensen, Shaws, Townsville Extra TV PointsYabulu, Alice River, 

TV Tuning

Aitkenvale, Alligator Creek, Alva,  Belgian Gardens, BarringhaBrookhillBluewater ParkBowen, Bluewater,  Burdell, Currajong,  Cungulla, Cape Cleveland, CondonCosgrove,  Cranbrook, Gumlow,Douglas, Giru, Giru TV Handyman, Guthalungra,  Elliot Springs, Garbutt, GulliverHyde Park, Hermit Park, Hervey RangeHarris Crossing,  KelsoRoseneathTownsville, Townsville TV Tuning and Setup, Townsville TV Installation,   Thuringowa Central HandymanWest End, Oonoonba TV Tuning, Oonoonba TV Handyman, Town CommonThuringowa Central TV Tuning, Setup and Installation, Mysterton, Mundingburra, McDesmeMillchester, Wulguru, Belgian Gardens, KirwanIngham TV Handyman Services, Jensen, Jarvisfield,  Oak Valley, PimlicoNome, North Ward TV Setup, Tuning and InstallationShaws, Vincent, Yabulu, Alice River,  Rangewood, Rollingstone, Rollingstone TV Handyman, Townsville, Toolakea,  Toomulla, Toomulla TV Handyman, Townsville TV Transportation,  Railway Estate, Mysterton TV Handyman, Murray, Mutarnee, Paluma

Universal Remotes

Bushalnd Beach Universal RemotesCurrajong, Cosgrove, Douglas, Elliot Springs Gulliver, Hermit ParkHyde Park, Harris Crossing, KelsoTownsville, Townsville Universal Remotes and Programming,  Oonoonba Universal Remotes, Harris Crossing, Ingham


Annandale, Belgian Gardens, Cluden, Cosgrove,  Douglas, Elliot Springs Gulliver, Hyde Park, Harris Crossing, Kelso, Pimlico, Roseneath, Townsville City, Townsville MaTV InstallationTownsville MATV Service and Repair,  Ingham

TV Installation

Douglas Soundbar Installation Townsville, Elliot Springs,Hyde Park, Harris Crossing, KirwanPimlicoRosslea Project Lamp ReplacementTownsville, West End, Cosgrove, Ingham, Vincent TV Handyman Services,

Vast Installation

Annandale, TownsvilleTownsville VAST,  Black River, Cosgrove, Kelso,  lliot Springs Harris Crossing,Elliot Springs, Ingham, 

TV Damage Reports

Bushland Beach Damage Reports, Cosgrove, Elliot Springs GulliverHyde Park, Harris Crossing, Elliot Springs, Kelso, Pimlico, Roseneath, Townsville City, Ingham , Mysterton, JensenSouth Townsville, Townsville Insurance Repair Assessments

Free Foxtel and Pay TV Distribution

Bushland Beach Free FoxtelCurrajong, Cosgrove, Elliot Springs, Harris Crossing, Pimlico, Rasmussen, Rasmussen TV Tuning, Setup, Rasmussen TV Wall Mounting, Rasmussen Antenna Installation,  RossleaRailway Estate, Townsville Foxtel Dish Installation,   Townsville, Wulguru, Bowen, Ingham

 Disney Plus Setups


Starlink Installations

Aitkenvale, Alva, Annandale Starlink Internet Installation, North Ward Starlink Internet InstallationTownsville, Townsville Starlink Internet InstallationBrandon, Elliot Springs, GiruHarris Crossing, Rangewood

TV Damage Reports

Thuringowa Central,  Townsville TV Insurance Repair Assessments,

TV Handyman

Kirwan, ToolakeaTownsville,

TV Services

Annandale, Annandale Samsung Frame TV Installation



Speaker installation - Sound bars - Multi-Room Audio 

Townsville Multi-Room Audio Installation, Townsville Sound Bar InstallationTownsville Speaker Installation, Townsville Surround Sound, 

Pre wire

Annandale Pre-wiring/Pre-cablingTownsville pre-wiring/pre-cabling, Townsville Pre-wire Fit Outs,

FM Radio

Townsville FM Antenna and Radio Reception,

Commercial AV and Zoom Rooms

Townsville Commercial AV, Townsville Zoom Room Installations,  Townsville Conference Room AV Packages,

Google Home Automation