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Hi there, I'm Gordon, your local TV Magic technician right here in Cluden and I want to help you get more out of your home entertainment, without the stress, hassle or big price tag. Unlike many other TV Antenna companies or Handymen who only cover a few basic services such as Antenna Installations or TV Point Installations, TV Magic Cluden cover a vast range of TV Antenna services from TV Point installations to luxury Media Room designs, so you can look forward to having every aspect of your entertainment system installed by a professional who knows how to get results. One job that should always be done correctly is TV Wall Mounting. An incorrectly or badly installed TV doesn't just look sloppy but is in fact dangerous. Let's find out more. 

TV Wall Mounting vs Unanchored TV's

Wall Mounted TV's are by far the best choice when it comes to any home entertainment setup. A Wall Mounted TV gets your TV up off the ground and away from small children who always seem to have a tendency to play in places that aren't safe. In Australia every year, there are hundreds of cases of injured and hospitalized children who have been hurt because of a falling TV that was not safely secured to the wall. If you want to get more out of your entertainment with a safe and aesthetically pleasing setup, then TV Magic can come out to your home and set you up with a practical and safe Wall Mounting job. And it's not just TV's that we wall mount, it's your sound equipment as well, shelves for your gaming console, and any other parts of your system that would be better off the ground. Call TV Magic today to find out more about our amazing range of quality home entertainment services!

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