This is a TV! Not a projector!

Samsung are bringing back the "the Wall" TV. It is 292 inches of 8K resolution (that's 8x more clear than a HD TV!) However, don't get too excited, not just yet anyway ...a monster like this is going to weigh alot and come with a price tag that may be equivalent to a house deposit or even the value of the entire house! At TV Magic we estimate the TV to weigh somewhere between 600-800Kg and the cost of the TV will be around $100k. 


The Latest Aussie Made 2019 Custom Mudflaps seen on the roads in Brisbane :) 

Getting around the streets of Brisbane, Tradies including TV Magic technicians see a lot of crazy and interesting things on the roads including the 2019 Latest Aussie Made Custom Replacement Mud Flaps. These are made of solid rub and are easily installed by putting in 2-4 tek screws into your aluminium checker plating. :) 


Here is the latest news and scientific proof of 2019 that BIG FOOT does exist. :)  And apparently he climbs inside ceiling cavities because he left his thong behind! Just where did he leave his left foot thong??

Now Providing Electrical Services - Melbourne Only 

TV Magic is now providing all electrical services throughout Melbourne. If you need Power Points, Data points, GPO's, lights, fans installed or other electrical work carried out, Clint Wiegard, licensed electrician and TV Magic technician is your man! Call Clint direct on 0484 395 555