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3x 200inch Projector Screens for Surf City Church More photos here

Another Video Wall for Mazda

Simple Samsung Frame TV in a cafe..

Where do we install and wall mount TVs?

TV Magic has installed more TVs in more places than anyone. We've been sought after to do custom jobs and even basic installs, where others said 'it can't be done'. These TV installations have included places and locations including: Schools, Pubs, Clubs, Police Stations, Aeroplane Seats, Bus Stops, Banks, Fast food chains, Airports, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Sheds, Toilet doors, Bali Huts, Underwater installs, Theme parks, Cafes, Restaurants, Gov. Buildings, Cubby Houses, Caravans, Yachts, Offices, Waiting Rooms, Dental Practices, Shop Windows, Stairwells, Entertainment Venues, Hallways, Retail Stores and even Pop-out/ hidden or motorised installs from Desks-Ceilings-Beds-Floors-Tables-Cabinets-Wardrobes or Furniture! 

Basically if you've seen a TV somewhere.. anywhere.. chances are TV Magic can install it with our eyes closed or may have even been the ones who installed it!

3x Golf Simulator Screen Installs 


TV, TV on the wall,who's the finest of them all? 

We've mounted over 50,000 televisions in living rooms, bedrooms, rumpus's, hallways, bali huts, sheds, caravans, offices, pool areas, stairwells, garages, kitchens & laundries. If you want a TV mounted anywhere - TV Magic can do it! We've also mounted them in pubs, clubs, airports, hotels, cafes, bus stops, police stations, aeroplane seats, stadiums, schools, military barracks, banks, shopping centres, supermarkets, service stations, government buildings, yachts, theme parks, cinemas, hospitals, medical centres, waiting rooms, warehouses, zoos, caravans, stair wells, sporting arenas, public areas and fast food chains. If you need a TV mounted in a specific spot - TV Magic can do it! Whether you want a Monster 100 inch TV or a cute 22inch wall mounted in a boat/caravan - TV Magic can do it! Whether it's a stone wall, no studs, false studs, uneven studs, tile wall, brick wall, a pillar, a steal beam - TV Magic can do it! (and hide the cables!) If you want a video wall, multi TV display installation - TV Magic can do it!