5 Ways TV Magic helps the Environment

We're doing our bit to recycle and minimise our commercial impact on the environment for future generations

Here are just five ways TV Magic is achieving that.

#1. We've saved over 34,000 plastic bags from going to land fill by using re-useable zip lock bags

Our branded Zip Lock bags are used to package our supplies - from our National Supply Chain. They are then sent out / distributed to all our technicians. They are made of a stronger polyester/plastic and have been designed to be used over and over again until they are no longer functional. We collect these re-useable zip lock bags from the technicians at the utmost of convenience. Out of 3000 bags originally purchased in 2017, approximately twenty-two hundred of those three thousand are in circulation. We know that each bag has tripped back and forth across Australia and to and from CHINA multiple times. We ensure that our re-useable bags are returned only when an object / person is already making that journey: - to avoid a scenario where it is "defeating its own purpose". We know that many of our bags have been used a total of 15-17 times each and we have estimated that we have saved a minimum of thirty-four thousand plastic bags from going to land-fill since 2018. 

#2. We've been paperless since 2012 and saved millions of kilometres in fuel emissions!

We're sure you'd agree that being paperless is pretty standard these days. However, back in 2012 we were pioneering this space as an in-home service/tradie based business. We've had our own custom CRM software since 2012; therefore we have not printed or used paper invoice books since. Our custom software also helps us to organise our work calendars and be as efficient as possible; enabling us to cut down on travel time, reduce fuel emissions by servicing customers in the most efficient and travel-friend / economical scheduling system ever. This not only helps us to provide better customer service but also has an enormous positive impact on the environment.

#3. Responsible Disposing of Televisions and Electronics for Recycling

TV Magic dispose of televisions and electronics at approved recycling facilities. Where goods still have life in them - they are donated or re-homed to people in need or can benefit from their use. 

#4. Recycling of Scrap Metal

Annually, TV Magic recycles over 10 tonnes of scrap metal. This is predominantly steel and aluminium. This does not included metal from electronics or televisions. 

#5 Recycling of Cardboard

 Other ways in which TV Magic helps the Community (BELOW) 

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