Looking for the best TV Service/TV Installation technicians? 

Here are 22 Reasons why we are the ONLY CHOICE for the Services we provide 



22 Reasons why we are the ONLY CHOICE for the services we provide

What have we achieved in 20 years?

  • 100,000+ enchanted customers and counting..
  • Our 20 years of experience has put our customer service light years ahead of the 'competition'
  • In many regions we are the ONLY CHOICE for the services we provide
  • We've won numerous local, national and international awards for Customer Service, Business innovation and Marketing Campaigns at Asia Pacific Business Excellency, Chamber of Commerce, BNI, BX and Young Presidents Organisation
  • We now service customers in 5x states of Australia + 1 x Territory (Canberra)
  • We started out in the days of VCRs and CRT (Square Analogue Televisions)

  • Our marketing began in newspapers ("The local rag") and Yellow Pages!
  • We've managed to increase the number of antenna installations despite the GLOBAL BOOM of Netflix and Streaming Services
  • We've seen the rise, fall, successes and struggles of Foxtel, Austar and Pay TV companies
  • We've seen 'competition' BIG and SMALL come and go over two decades
  • We've seen cowboys attempt to replicate our business

  • We've been approached by staff from other MAJOR NATIONAL COMPETITORS to join our team
  • We've managed to stay abreast of technology, become Australia's best and prefered STARLINK installers
  • Over the years we have pioneered many services and products. We are often the first to adopt/break into new market opportunities - This means customers get the latest and greatest products / installations before they are available anywhere else
  • We've manged to take on some of the leading competition and dominate market share across various regions across Australia
  • 1,000,000+ Televisions installed and counting..

  • Our own, industry leading, branded wall brackets. They are the best in the industry and are highly sought after. 
  • Rejected contract offers from MAJOR RETAIL OUTLETS to be their PREFERRED INSTALLER because they needed us more than we needed them!
  • 50,000 Televisions wall mounted and counting.. (Check out our Gallery)
  • Australia's largest and most comprehensive TV wall mounting gallery of its kind!
  • 612 Home Cinemas built from the ground up, and serviced / maintained a further 3500 
  • AUSTRALIA's largest Social MEDIA following in the industry!
  • We've only just begun making our customer's TV problems disappear and look forward to the next 20 years!


Unlike the Competition..


Our Guarantees

  • We GUARANTEE we will do everything we can to make your TV reception 100% pixelation free, interference free, trouble free, ON ALL CHANNELS, ON ALL TV POINTS, ON ALL TELEVISIONS  for an aeon of time! For TEN TO FIFTEEN (10-15) years!!!!
  • We GUARANTEE WE WILL COACH YOU, making you a master of your own system (at a level you are comfortable with). Our well spoken, english competent speaking technicians who will patiently explain and simplify your system, making it AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE TO USE
  • We GUARANTEE we will clean up ALL mess after each and every single job
  • We GUARANTEE our materials, hardware and workmanship are of high-grade and provide long lasting, high performance. We laboriously scrutinise all our components and installation techniques for quality, effectiveness and performance in the only test that counts - real life installations, across thousands upon thousands of customers, scenarios and locations across Australia. We Guarantee all our materials and worksmanship is of the the highest standards. We guarantee the end result or we will come back for free until it is fixed. Conditions apply*
  • DON'T LIFT A FINGER! we guarantee total convenience
  • Buy with complete confidence. All electronic products supplied by TV Magic come with complete free, in-home replacement warranty (in the unlikely event that it is required) during the warranty period - No retail store can beat that!
  • We GUARANTEE WE WILL BE ON TIME EVERY TIME. We guarantee we will communicate with you and bend over backwards to please you! 



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Don't Pay Twice!

Most of the time we are providing services to a new customer or going back to one of thousands of repeat customers for extra /new work however.. unfortunately, we are servicing customers on a weekly basis that have previously had a so called "expert" start the job.
These are jobs where we are coming out in to finish/clean up the mess that was started. The end result is great, however, unfortunately for the customer :- they've paid twice. 

We live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream about technology. Our girlfriends and wives are wondering why we're always looking up on rooves at the antenna or every TV we walk past in public places. 
Here are some quotes from our so called "competition", suppliers and others "in the know"

"TV Magic are the titans of industry"
"Everybody hates TV Magic, because they just can't compete"
"TV Magic is leading and paving the way in the industry"
"We have customers who marvel over our exceptional level of customer service"
"TV Magic doesn't just have a lot of customers , they're making friends"

Our Clients Include

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