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The 4G Network is coming! And may effect your MaTV system

As the 4G network is rolling out no one is 100% sure how much effect this will have on the TV reception in the commercial & hi rise buildings in the central areas. Older masthead amplifiers or distribution amps may boost the 4G signals causing an 'illegal interfernce' requiring MaTV systems to be upgrade or at least have their filters removed/in tact. 

If you have a Matv system that needs servicing - call TV Magic.  Tv Magic can be there promptly and take care of whatever tv reception/satellite reception problems you're having. 

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MaTV - Master TV antenna Systems

We do work on all types and sizes of MaTV systems. We can diagnose faulty head end equipment, locate damaged or foul play in systems, make digital upgrades or 4G network compliancy. Call us today for a free consultation. 

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