How long should my tv reception last with a new antenna installation ?

We aim to ensure your new TV Reception lifespan is approx 10-15 years. We believe this can be easily achieved, using our high quality parts, installation techniques and state of the art testing equipment. If you want your antenna installation done right the first time, quality parts used and a performance guarantee and warranty - Call TV Magic to do your antenna installation.

My picture is so clear, why do I need a new antenna?

There are many, many, many pages online(including government websites) with information on this topic regarding digital tv. The quick explanation is: Digital tv always is clear. When the antenna signal is weak (or weaker than it should be) digital tv channels will 'pixelate'. In the old days of analogue, a weak signal would make your channels 'snowy'.

If it is a weak signal that has been diagnosed by the technician (using a signal meter), then, well just like your car, if the problem doesn't get fixed it will eventually get worse. And in time, it will pixelate more, and/or your other channels will begin to pixelate or drop out until the problem is resolved. The good news is, unlike your car, once your antenna is serviced it lasts a lot, lot longer than your car. It won't need doing again for many, many years.

Now, just because the problem has been diagnosed as a weak signal doesn't mean its necessarily your old antenna but it is always your antenna system. An antenna system can be made up of cable, splitters, joins, wall plates, leads, baluns, junction boxes, tuning, amplifiers, power packs, even antenna alignment and antenna positioning - a number of factors that can prove to be singularly or a combination of culprits resulting in the problem.

A lot of people say: ''It got better' or it's just the 'weather' or it's only channel 7". This is the same as your car: "oh it only does it up hills'' or ''it only does it when it's cold''. Meanwhile the mechanic knows your car will break down, and so, in time, it does. Tv Reception is no different. Weak signal causes channel 7 to break up but soon it will be channel 9, then channel 10 and then all of them. Weak signal causes digital tv reception to break up in bad weather, but soon it won't be the bad 'weather', - it will just break-up or dropout in any weather condition, period.

We want you to have good tv reception! Like the reception we have at our own homes! You should be aware that there is no reason, for ALL your tv channels to not be working ALL of the time! It doesn't matter what the weather is like or where you live! So if you are putting up with pixelation - the truth is - eventually it will get worse.

How / when can you contact us?

On the mobile, online or by sms! We love sms, sms your plans, enquires, feedback or anything! We will ring you if you request us to do so. :)

How soon can we come?

One of our Home theatre or Antenna installers can usually be at your job the very same day. Our team of technicians are waiting for your call!

Opening Hours

We are a mobile service so generally, Mon - Sat. from 630am to 9pm. If we do not answer - leave a message - we GUARANTEE to call you back!

Do we compete with other quotes ?

Sure do! This is what we do best. Quality and price are everything. What you're getting quoted on by another service will always be too expensive or too cheap compared to us. What we can guarantee is, we will be the best! and you will love us!

What services do we provide?

Our services include: 

  • TV Tuning
  • Home Theatre Installation and design
  • TV insurance repair assessments
  • TV points
  • Antenna installation
  • Foxtel points
  • Pay tv distribution
  • Universal remote programming
  • Satellite dish installation
  • Multi room media /audio
  • Google home automation
  • MaTV Commercial antenna systems
  • Wall mounting of all types of TV
  • Pre-wire fit outs 
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Mesh Internet and Point to Point Internet extensions
  • Satellite and Vast TV

What is the warranty period?

On all workmanship and equipment supplied there is a standard 12 month warranty unless described otherwise on the invoice.

How much will it cost to fix my TV reception?

Sometimes there is a cheap fix, other times there is a risk of doing it cheap and it will cost more in the long run. Sometimes it has been done that badly in the first place that it's going to cost more to erectify an old system than it's going to just install a brand new one from scratch. Sometimes, the old gear is that old that the whole lot just needs replacing. In the end, the tv reception signals need to comply to certain requirements or it's just not going to work. These requirements are described as per the requirements of Digital Broadcasting Australia (DBA) authorities. If these are not complied with - your tv reception will be no better off. Also, having too much signal can cause bad tv reception as well!

So do not worry, about it costing too much! We do free quotes! We give you a guarantee! We aim to make any tv reception repair job last 10-15 years - on a year to year basis, servicing your antenna compared with servicing your car will cost you peanuts! So call us now! or make a booking online.

Do we actually 'fix' televisions?

Generally not. However, if the problem has anything to do with your remote not working, your tv turning off, not turning on channels not working properly - these are problems we fix ALL THE TIME. And we will fix it on site, you don't have to take your tv anywhere! Call us with your problems and we'll give you some free advice - we may be able to give you a free quote /visit to look at your problem!

What licenses /qualifications /training do we have?

The licenses, qualifications and training of our technicians include: Matchmaster, THX certified, Government Endorsed Installers, CEDIA, Restricted cabling licence, Low voltage cabling licences, OH&S training and awareness, Safety at Heights training & Master builders - BSA.

How do I become a part of the team - TV Magic?

TV Magic has franchise and Contract opportunities. Register your interest by filling out the contact us form. 
Or come to an information night. 

Can I see some of your work?

Absolutely! TV Magic has the most comprehensive TV Wall Mounting Gallery in Australia!