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TV Magic were appointed to erect a monster 200-inch projector screen in a 20ft high ceiling auditorium - suspended from a false ceiling. The job was extremely interesting a slightly challenged as we were also instructed not to fix it to the back wall, yes it had to be offset of 40 centimetres away from the back wall (so that lights could be projected up behind the projector screen) - leaving us with no other option other than you harness up and install pulleys and wire rope. 

projector surfers 200inch

Depicted above: - Not too concerning for TV Magic as we have installed projector screens in many commercial applications however to give you a perspective of size here is the 200-inch projector screen; in the Surf City Church Auditorium. The photo doesn't do this monster justice. If someone were to be standing next to the screen - the screen would dwarf the person. The auditorium was dwarfing the screen. 

Our job was to perfectly align it in the centre of the stage - at the exact same height as the two other screens and at an exact distance, away from the wall to allow lights to shine up behind the screen. The roof was 20ft high and had some obstacles in the way. It was also a suspended ceiling, meaning that a regular person cannot place weight on the plaster sheeting or beams without risking falling through. It was also approximately 20ft high meaning the risk was even more significant. 

Pulleys were installed inside the very tight roof cavity and multiple measurements were taken using our state-of-the-art equipment including led tape measures & floor to ceiling laser - levellers. A team of 4 then safely inched the screen up once all the clamps, fixings, and tethers were installed. 

Depicted above: - We were excited to see it in action before we even started cleaning up. This is with the lights off. 1x gorgeous 200 inch projector screen installation in the heart of Surfers Paradise. 

projector screens surfers paradise

Depicted Above:- Now you can really appreciate all the effort we went to. How good does that look! That's right that wasn't a question mark. The team at surf city church were extremely pleased. We were stoked also.

surfers gold coast projector screen installation

And there you have it from a distance, what an overall amazing display of screens. Now for the question: - Does that look fantastic or does that look fantastic?

At TV Magic, we are all about solutions and not concerned with 'who is right'. However, on a weekly basis we still have some customers who doubt our expert opinion... here is a little story... Whoever mounted the projector (not TV Magic) hadn't installed it in the correct position causing a shadow on the screen. (We knew this before we installed the screen). We have now been approached to come up with a custom solution to relocate the projector itself, slightly so that it can shoot the image on the top third of the screen. Our customers were adamant about the positioning of the screen. They instructed us to mount it at a specific and very particular height. We did as we were told but suggested that it wouldn't work, however they still wanted to proceed. So, we did. When the projector was powered on.. ... one guess - who was right? The projector salesman installers?  Or the professionals - TV Magic? (I was secretly crossing my fingers)... but of course we were right. We do this for a living!! But all good, the projector will easily be moved and we look forward to that project. If you need a projector screen or projector for that matter installed (correctly!) in Surfers Paradise or on the Gold Coast in your home or commercial building call Daniel on 0488 899 849

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