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Tired of your Foxtel picture breaking up? Or can't stand their call centre. Call our local TV Magic team, and we can have someone at your home pronto!

We can install and repair Foxtel and other satellite dish installation where Foxtel can't anymore due to stringent OH&S. So if your home is higher than a normal two-storey home or an oddball ladder climb, chances are the Foxtel installers will be telling you to call in a private satellite installation company like TV Magic Surfers Paradise Gold Coast. Sometimes it's just a matter of thinking outside the box to make the roof work safe; sometimes though we need to hire lifting equipment such as cherry pickers.

With many buildings running Foxtel through-out their units, we're often called out to look at problems when the signal drops out entirely, as we're generally available much sooner than Foxtel contractors.

Here's a short list of common reasons we're called out to do satellite tv work.

1. Builders have done some roof work at your Surfers Paradise home and needed to remove the Foxtel dish. Builders don't have the industry specific tools or specialised skillset to re-align your satellite once it's re-mounted on your roof. They often just call us directly or sometimes they'll leave it up to you to find a satellite installer like us.

2. Solar panels are being installed on your roof at your Chevron Island mansion and they need your Foxtel dish relocated to another part of the roof. This is actually pretty common. That and if an existing satellite or TV antenna is located in a position that would cast shadow onto your new solar panels.

3. You've lost signal from your Foxtel satellite and you can't get their installers out until it's too late for you to hold on. We understand, some customers, just really need their TV up and running as an urgent matter. Thankfully we're never more than 48-hours, usually less, away from turning up at your Isle of Capri home, ready to resolve your Foxtel satellite problem.

4. You've got a weak signal coming from your satellite tv dish, and so you're getting pixelation and channel drop outs. This is usually caused by a satellite getting a bit long in the tooth (old) and or something has grown or has been built up in the way of the line of sight into outer-space; Like a palm tree or new neighbours house re-build.

5. Some people in Main Beach Gold Coast just don't like the look of having an un-used, old, Foxtel satellite dish sitting on their roof, and basically just call us out to remove and dispose of it.

So, if you're in Surfers Paradise, Chevron Island, Main Beach, Isle of Capri and need a Satellite technician / professional / expert. Ph 0484 342 222

A real-life example from today, 19th June 2019 follows:

"Jeremy was really frustrated after the builders he hired to extend his roof left him with a Foxtel dish that wasn't lined up. He couldn't watch his Foxtel and was going crazy trying to line it up himself. As we explained to Jeremy, you need expensive, industry specific tools to align a satellite dish, an obvious experience. You're basically having to hit a needle in a hay stack when pointing at a small satellite in outer-space. You've got to be millimetre accurate."

"Charlie had a Christian TV satellite installed on a pole in his backyard in the past. He wanted us to come around and remove it for him. When we arrived, we explained to Charlie that the pole is concreted in about a metre deep and that we could only cut off the pole at the base. Charlie understood and had no idea that it was installed so solid. After exhausting a few batteries, we had the pole and dish cut down to small pieces with our angle grinder cut-off wheel, making it easy to transport and dispose of."

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