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Are you tired of putting up with poor TV reception? How mad does it make you when you're trying to watch a sporting final or end of season episode and the darn TV starts pixelating! Or even worse, the TV channels drop out completely! Never go without reliable TV reception again. Call us NOW!

Did you know that a lot of poorly designed TV antennas barely last 3-years in Surfers Paradise? That's because of the high exposure to salt air. Even the nearby island suburbs aren't safe, like Chevron Island and Isle of Capri. Anywhere near ocean water gets blown or dumped by the rain. This means antennas \ aerials which are made of mainly metal, if not properly manufactured with this in mind are going to rust like crazy and corrode 10 x as fast as normal.

At TV Magic, we've designed our own ocean air proof TV antenna to install in locations like Surfers Paradise, Main Beach, Chevron Island etc. Our proprietary digital antenna is rust proof, bird proof and will stand the test of time. All metal on the TV antenna is either aluminium, stainless steel or electroplated. How are our TV antennas bird-proof? Well, the elements that birds like to sit on and break, on most models is too thin, they can't grip it with their feet, plus it's really robust, they'll never snap off.

Here's a short list of things that can cause bad TV antenna \ aerial reception.

1. No line of sight to the transmitters. In Surfers Paradise, your signal might be blocked by a building and you could be just getting a weaker refraction, you might need a signal amplifier to resolve this.

2. An old deteriorating TV antenna. Over time, the parts of a TV antenna that aren't aluminium tend to break down. Insects and water etc. can penetrate the exterior through weak points such as plastic covers, which exposes the inside of the antenna to things that can wreck it.

3. In Surfers Paradise in particular, as mentioned above, a lot of TV antenna installations suffer from corrosion and rust out quickly.

4. 4G phone towers. This is a relatively new issue for the TV antenna industry. The mobile phone network of 4G towers can cause interference with your TV channels when using old TV antenna amplifiers.

5. Rusted out TV wall sockets or cables connecting to your TV from the wall plate. Remember your TV antenna is only as good as its weakest point. So, even if you have a brand new TV antenna system installed, if your TV cable is in poor condition or the socket on the wall is rusted out, or corroded behind it, you're new TV antenna install isn't going to help much unless they are replaced too!

So, if you're in Surfers Paradise, Chevron Island, Main Beach, Isle of Capri and need a TV aerial \ antenna professional. Ph 0484 342 222

(5) Things to look for when choosing a TV antenna that's going to last 10-20 years

1. Study, Robust. Birds love to sit on TV antennas, so make sure whatever you choose is not breakable easily, like a lot of models are. Make sure no plastic is being used to hold the elements on and that the bracket components are solid.

2. Little or no plastic. Plastic becomes brittle over time in the sun, nearly every TV aerial has some plastic on it. Just make sure the one you choose has very minimal plastic, and none of it is being used to home elements on or together.

3. The bracket components. Many cheap TV antennas use poor quality brackets to hold it to the mast and in alignment. After a year any non stainless steel parts are reduced to heavy rust. Be wary.

4. The cable connection point. Be sure you buy a TV antenna that is not using the saddle and screw cable fit off and that it's not being protected by a plastic lid that'll fail over the coming years.

5. The rust proofing. All metal must be either stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised or electroplated on your TV aerial or you're asking for premature failure.

A real-life example from today, 18th June 2019 follows:

"Edward manages a building on Surfers Paradise, and today, suddenly the TV reception for the whole building stopped! So, Edward was being harassed by 50+ tenants who couldn't watch TV. Edward called TV Magic Gold Coast, explained the urgency of the situation, and we were there within 2-hours. We understand these situations and are very experienced at fixing the TV reception for building, often a MATV situation. This time, the MATV amplifier that controls the signal for the whole building failed, and luckily, we had a temporary replacement in our van, which was installed while we source a suitable replacement amplifier from Brisbane tomorrow."

"Chelsea lives in an older apartment in Surfers Paradise and was having trouble with her TV antenna signal. When we arrived, we found that basically, all the TV wall plates were rusted out, and inside the wall, the splitter components were corroded beyond repair too. So we replaced all the corroded, rusted bits and bobs and hey-presto! Chelsea's TV signal improved dramatically!"

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