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Have you ever thought, "Gee, it would be great if I didn't have to share the TV with the family", "I could watch what I want to watch, when I want to watch it, and in peace :)" Or, "Imagine how nice it would be if we could have TV's in the kids bedrooms!" And, "I bet the furniture would go so much better on the other side of the room, pity there's no TV and Foxtel points there". These are some of the most common reasons why we get called out to help install new Foxtel and TV aerial connections in established homes.

If you're in Surfers Paradise or the neighbouring suburbs such as Isle of Capri, Main Beach and Chevron Island our local TV technician Dan is ready to help, and usually can be there within a few business days if not the same day!

A customer of ours today actually had a TV outlet installed in his man-cave, ready for the next state of origin game, as his experience wasn't great watching the last game due to his noisy, un-interested family. He's even looking to get another Foxtel connection installed in the cave as well. We're going back next week to help him with that. (Just waiting on receiving his new, extra Foxtel box).

Here's a short list of out of the box solutions for running new cabling in an existing building unit

1. Under the carpet. Some customers we visit up-end the edge of their carpet to let us run new cabling to other pretty much, un-accessible area's of their home without using a strategy like this. We're not carpet gurus, so as long as you're cool with doing the carpet part yourself, we can run the new cabling for you and make sure it's all working.

2. Under the skirting board. Some customers will remove the skirting board, cut in a cable channel and run new TV or Foxtel cabling like that to a new location. (Buildings are not like houses where we run new cabling inside the walls from accessing the roof cavity, which a building apartment doesn't have.

3. Chiselling out plaster horizontally across a wall. If you're handy with plaster wall repairs and painting, this might be an option for you when installing a near impossible new TV antenna or Foxtel outlet in your apartment.

4. Slick looking conduit. Some situations, we can run some nice-looking conduit across the floor, along a wall to the new Foxtel or Antenna connection location in your Surfers Paradise apartment. It can be done in a way where it's barely noticeable.

5. Running exposed cabling. Sometimes, our customers will opt to run exposed cabling along the wall behind furniture and under rugs to get it to their TV.

So, if you're in Surfers Paradise, Chevron Island, Main Beach, Isle of Capri and need a TV or Foxtel expert to install new connections or fix existing ones, give TV Magic a call on 0484 342 222.

A real-life example from today, 24th June 2019 follows:

"Randal lives in a bottom floor unit in Surfers Paradise. He phoned TV Magic today to get some help installing a new TV antenna outlet on an external wall of his home. Normally being a multi-storey dwelling, there's not much we can do in regards to installing new tv points (we need access to a roof cavity); But Randal was in luck. We were able to use his existing TV outlet and drill out from behind it to the outside of his room. From there we ran new cabling around the outside of his home neatly in some inside conduit to the location of the new TV point. We drilled back through the wall from the outside in, and installed a TV wall plate. Randal was very happy with the result considering the situation and didn't realise how involved the job would be."

"Oliver lives in a high-rise on Chevron Island Gold Coast and wanted a new TV and Foxtel outlet installed on a wall that backs onto another that already has theses outlets. Thankfully, unlike most building situations, we can easily complete the job for him without any fuss. This is one of the few situations in a building where we can add in more TV outlets etc. after the building is built, as we don't need access to a roof cavity etc. in this instance."

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