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Is your TV aerial struggling to get your reliable TV reception in Robina?. Are the kids driving you mad when the telly's not working? Is your MAFS show being ruined by pixelating TV channels? Does your TV signal booster not do much anymore? These are all common reason we get calls from our Robina customers. We know firsthand how frustrating it can be to not have reliable TV reception when you need it.

Maybe you think you might need a new TV aerial or booster? The only way to know exactly what you need to fix you poor tv signal is to have an expert such as our local Robina TV technician visit your home and go over it all properly.

To get to the bottom of your Robina homes tv reception issues we need to get up on top of your roof to inspect the TV aerial installation, take a look inside your roof cavity at the cabling and splitters etc, and check the signal at each TV outlet in your home. We're not in it for band-aid fixes. If your TV aerial system is old and falling apart, we'll be suggesting to replace all the major components to give you the best long-term, reliable solution.

3 Situations where TV signal boosters / masthead amplifiers won't help the situation.

  1. No Coverage areas. If you happen to live in a home that receives little of no tv reception like in a valley, or behind a building, there's a very good chance the TV signal booster won't help you (Not an issue in Robina Gold Coast). For a masthead amplifier to work properly you still need a certain level or signal and quality for it to amplifier or you're just going to get a mixed potentially bad result.
  2. Too much signal. Having too much antenna signal will give you the same issues as having not enough, I.E. pixelating TV channels. If you've got a really strong signal passing through your TV antenna and you boost that even more, you're likely to have way too much signal at the TV points. A professional with the industry specific tools will be able to diagnose this situation for you.
  3. Unfiltered masthead amplifiers. Since the introduction of 4G phone networks, many tv signal boosters manufactured pre-2017 will have an inherent issue which will suck in and amplify the phone tower signal through your Robina homes TV aerial system and make your TV channels pixelate.

A real-life example from today, 27th March 2019 follows:

"Wendy called the Robina TV Magic team out to her home today to setup her new tv's at her new home. Before we installed the TV's on the wall, we checked the TV aerial reception to make sure it was working, which in this case it wasn't. Turns out the previous owner never used the TV aerial and only watched Foxtel, so the TV aerial system was 20+ years old and totally had-it. Luckily our team is experienced in fixing all things tv and aerial related. We replaced the antenna, tv signal booster, some cabling, the splitter, some old cruddy wall sockets and it was working perfectly again in no-time. Wendy was very relieved that we were able to solve all her TV problems in one visit."

"Igor was going crazy mad at his television and the constant channel pixelation he was experiencing; not knowing that it wasn't the TV causing the issue he threw it out and brought a brand-new TV, and you guessed it, he still has pixelating TV channels. Igor phoned us up after figuring out his TV reception issues was from his Robina home's TV aerial signal and we confirmed this when we arrived. We ended up replacing the tv antenna booster and "hey presto" It was working great again!"

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