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"Tv's aren't as simple as they used to be", is what we here from a lot of our customers nowadays. I'd have to agree. Even pulling it out of the box and safely installing the base on it can be daunting given the large size and easily damaged screens. At TV Magic we're 100% confident in handling all TV's of different size and price from Aldi's budget $300 TV to the latest $10,000 Samsung TV. In Robina as well as the rest of Gold Coast we can setup your new Smart TV for you, tune in the channels, connect them to your network, setup your Netflix account etc, give you a quick guide on how to use it and install it on your wall or cabinet.

"Why doesn't the Auto-Tune work?" Did you know that many times we get calls from our Robina Gold Coast customers because they can't tune their TV in? It's usually not because they aren't doing the correct procedure but typically it's because the TV isn't receiving any antenna signal. Never fear though, our local TV technicians are very experienced in diagnosing and fixing any TV antenna signal issues you may have too. Just Ph 0484 342 222 and we can help you ASAP.

5 Things tips can make a TV Technicians job more pleasant when they attend your home.

  1. Indoor Dogs. Every day without fail customers dogs jump all over us and it's not pleasant, but because we're polite we brush it off as a "no big deal", but honestly, it's not nice at all. Please if your dog doesn't listen to you (like nearly all of them) can you please put them outside or in another room when your tradesmen arrives.
  2. Clean the area. I'm not talking about cleaning behind the TV cabinet, that's always going to be grotty as no one really ever moves it until we arrive. But many, many times we're kneeling on filthy carpet or flooring, piles of dust and crap that in my opinion if you're having a tradesman out to your home and you know he's going to be working in a particular area, can you please give it a vacuum and or wipe down. ;) Thank you.
  3. Clear the area. I'm not sure why, but about 85% of the time we find ourselves having to move a heap of the customers clutter and furniture etc. to get to the area they want us to work in. It would be awesome if 85% did this and not the other way around. :) 
  4. Fresh batteries in the remotes. Another common thing we find is when we go to setup older TV's or tune them in is the remote controls aren't working or are barely working because the batteries are gone. We can't even start our TV Technician work until the remote works. :)
  5. Find the remotes. To access the features we need to tune your TV and make changes efficiently we're going to need your remotes. (we do sell replacement remotes if needed). More often than you'd think customers let us turn up, ready to solve their TV issue and they can't even find their remotes.

A real-life example from today, 25th March 2019 follows:

"Brendan lives alone in Robina and brought himself a huge 85inch TV and needed help setting it up as well as wall mounting it. (85inch is actually one of the largest TV's you can buy at the moment. No wonder he needed some help.) When we arrived, we helped him unbox it, mount the brackets on the TV and wall and mount it perfectly. It was actually really heavy this model and we needed three people to lift it and plug all the cables in during the lift. Once it was on the wall it looked super awesome! We quickly tuned in his TV channels, connected it to his network and setup his favourite apps. Brendan was really impressed by our service and gave us a 5-star review online after the job. Thank you, Brendan."

"Anthony called TV Magic today because his mother Andrea was having trouble setting up a TV he gave her in her Robina retirement home. When we arrived, we found an old TV with a set top box, dvd player and vcr on the floor ready for our Robina TV Technician to install it. Although it was all pretty old equipment we did manage to tune her TV in successfully without the need for the set top box; which also meant one less remote for Andrea to operate the basic TV which we was happy about."

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