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Have you just spent hours trying to figure it out yourself? This is what we commonly hear from our Robina customers. "Why won't the sound work? Why do I get no picture? Why don't the rear surround sound speakers work? Or why are the rear speakers so quiet? Why is my home cinema projector blurry? Why can't I get Foxtel on my home cinema screen? I can't figure out how to install the Hi-Fi amplifier. I can't get DVD's to play on my projector screen. I brought a new AV receiver but can't hook it up. How do I get Netflix in my home cinema? Can you fix my projector? Can you replace the lamp in my projector?"

Never fear our Robina home theatre experts have the answers to all your problems and get youre home cinema up and running in no time. We can even help you upgrade the AV equipment if needed. Call TV Magic Robina Gold Coast now on 0484 342 222.

5 Home Cinema situations that commonly frustrate the heck out of our customers

  1. Replacing faulty amplifiers / AV receivers. Quite often our Robina customers will have a faulty home theatre amplifier and will go out and buy a new one thinking they can just hook it up themselves, as usually though they quickly release they're in over their heads. In my professional opinion AV Amplifiers are a very tricky piece of media room to setup even for experts like us sometimes.
  2. Replacing faulty projectors. More often than not, our customers will go out and buy a new home cinema projector and try to install it themselves and then realise they don't know what they're doing and have to call is in. Frequently they'll buy a new media room projector and get it home and realise the cabling they have already is outdated and or the projector bracket won't fit and or they can't get it to fit the screen or align properly.
  3. Replacing projector bulbs. We actually find that many customers will attempt to change their projector bulb thinking it's going to solve their issue but most the time it's not actually the bulb that's causing the problem, so instead of calling an expert they've wasted hundreds on a useless replacement bulb.
  4. Aligning projectors. This can actually frustrate us too depending on the model of projector bracket being used the installation in general. When doing the projector installations ourselves we know which brackets are great to us and which projectors are easy to align and how far back they've got to go; However, when we arrived at someone else attempt we have to work with what they have which can be quite a frustrating experience.
  5. Surround Sound Setup. A lot of Robina customers don't know how to adjust the sound settings on their amplifiers and get the rear speakers as they intend, we usually end up just giving them tuition on how to use their own AV equipment and then they're sweet.

A real-life example from today, 28th March 2019 follows:

"Rowena moved into a new luxury home in Robina which it's previous owner had setup a home cinema room. Rowena however when moving in found the room had been stripped of all the AV equipment and just had some speaker wires coming out of the wall, a projector bracket on the roof and that's about it. We guided Rowena as to what equipment she was missing to get her home theatre up and running again; A HD cinema projector, a different projector bracket, a projector screen, an AV Receiver / Amplifier, a 5.1 speaker kit, a set top box or apple TV and a few cables to link it all together. All, in all Rowena was looking about $7,000 worth of equipment and installation to get this media room back to its former glory. Rowena gave us the go a-head to supply and install the hi-fi gear which we're doing for her next week; we're all looking forward to it."

"Nadine moved home and wanted her home theatre DVD / blue-ray player, surround sound combo setup again. When we arrived, we found a box of speakers and speaker wire spaghetti. Once we sorted it all out, we noticed that the cable that connects the TV to the sound system was broken when it was unplugged and was lodged inside the back of the TV. Luckily, we know a special trick to extract broken cable ends from inside TV connection points and where able to save the day. Nardine was very happy that we were about to setup her home theatre and surround sound speakers in her Robina Gold Coast home so quickly and has already recommended us to a friend. Thanks Nadine!"

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