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"Are your TV channels playing up? There's nothing more frustrating then having your TV show finale being ruined by pixelating TV channels or drop outs; And even worse when you've got attention seeking young kids and no watchable ABC kids tv that is :) If this is you, stop reading and call us now! Our schedules fill up fast each week for our Robina residents.

Whether you just built a home and need a brand-new digital TV antenna installed on your home or you've got an older antenna system that's in need of the TV reception repair, TV Magic Robina Gold Coast have got you covered with our local, highly sort after and highly rated (online by customers) TV and antenna technicians.

5 Things to check before calling us if your TV reception is playing up.

  1. Booster plugged in? If your home is fitted with a booster (a power source for your amplifier) you'll know, and now is a good time to check it's still there plugged in firmly and turned on at the power point.
  2. Cable plugged in? Has the TV antenna cable been knocked out while cleaning or a pet? Change you've got a secure antenna cable running from the wall socket to your TV.
  3. Are you watching Foxtel or Free-To-Air? Some people aren't sure, but basically if you're watching TV through a Foxtel box, sometimes any of the Free-To-Air channels may be coming from your TV antenna and sometimes they are part of your Foxtel package and they are distributing them, perhaps give them a call first if you're unsure.
  4. Are you on the right input source? Sometimes we arrive at a home only to find that they can't get their TV channels because they've bumped the remote and now aren't on the DTV source setting (for your antenna); Not sure? Ask a teenager to check for you. They usually know there way around a TV pretty well nowadays.
  5. Do you actually have an antenna on the roof? This generally applies to new home builds as builders typically won't include a digital tv antenna installation on Robina Gold Coast homes. It's up to the new owners to source their own antenna technician and install one after hand-over.

A real-life example from today, 25th March 2019 follows:

"Catlyn manages a unit complex in Robina and she phoned us for urgent help as the shared antenna system for the 100+ units wasn't working, and so she had 100+ tenants phoning her about it, eagerly awaiting the TV reception to be fixed. What we found when we arrived was that the master antenna amplifier for the whole place was faulty. The digital TV antenna on the roof was okay but it wasn't getting past the MATV amplifier whose job it is to strengthen the signal enough to supply all of the units from the one TV aerial. Luckily for Catlyn we were able to give a same day service and carry with us in our work vans a variety of high end signal amplifiers for multi-dwelling arrangements."

"Barry or Bazza as he'd like to be called, phone TV Magic after a recent storm stopped his TV antenna from working. When we arrived, we found his digital TV antenna on his Robina Gold Coast home was water logged. His masthead amplifier / tv signal booster had also fallen off the mast and water logged. We supplied and installed a new antenna and booster kit at our special packaged price for Bazza and he was up and running again."

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