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Tired of fighting over the remote control? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it? Send the kids to their bedrooms to watch tv or hideaway in your own. You could do this if you got your own TV point and or Foxtel connection installed there.

Our Robina TV technicians have been bringing peace to homes for 15+ years. We're also been helping men get their man-caves polished off with their own TV and Foxtel socket points. Sometimes we're even installing them in bathrooms or kitchens. Why not watch TV from the bathtub or kitchen?

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5 Situations where new Foxtel points or TV outlets can cost more than use to install

  1. Extra-long cable runs. Some homes are huge and depending on how much cable we're going to be needed it can add to your cost. It will take longer to run it through the roof and obviously there's more cost in the materials being used for your job.
  2. Difficult, uncomfortable cable run. If you have a horrible roof to work in from a technician's point of view, whether it be super dirty, full of fluff insulation, very difficult man-hole access, small, hard to move through roof cavity, this will be reflected in the cost as you can imagine. Some jobs are definitely not worth doing unless the price is a lot higher than normal because of how unpleasant it's going to be running that cable through the roof.
  3. The danger factor. If we're having to take on more than usual risk of harm to ourselves than this will be reflected in the price of the new TV outlet installation or Extra foxtel point for your Robina home. There are heaps of things that can make a job more dangerous than usual. Sketchy roof access, brittle tiles, termite ridden beams, dealing with your hostile pets just to name a few.
  4. Bad attitude customers. Some people are just not nice to deal with as a customer. I personally will either avoid the job altogether or quote high enough to make it worth dealing with a difficult personality.
  5. Cement / brick wall drilling. If your new TV connection or Foxtel socket installation requires us drilling into unknown density cement, brick work the quote will be higher as we burn through a lot of extra time and expensive drill bits in these situations frequently, sometimes you get lucky and it's like drilling through butter, but other times it can be like diamond and you end up spending 20minutes just to drill one hole.

A real-life example from today, 27th March 2019 follows:

"Ralph just moved into a new home in Robina and wanted tv outlets installed in his three kids bedrooms. When we arrived, we first checked his TV antenna reception to see if it could handle it without worry. In this instance Ralph will be needing a masthead amplifier / signal booster installed in order to add three more TV outlets to his home with all of them being able to receive terrific tv aerial signal levels. Ralphs home was a tiled roof but a really low pitch so there was no way we could safely enter the roof cavity and do the work from inside it like that, which meant we had to move tiles in various locations on the roof to get access to the tops of the walls. Moving tiles is actually a very common task when installing new TV or Foxtel outlets in Robina homes and is nothing for the home owner to worry about."

"Isla had one Foxtel subscription and one Foxtel box but she wanted to be able to move it around to various rooms for certain events. To do what she wanted we needed to upgrade her Foxtel satellite dish so it could handle 4-foxtel outlets. Once the Foxtel dish was ready, we cabled in the new Foxtel points to her Robina home without a hiccup. After a couple of hours, we had completed three new Foxtel outlet installations for Isla and we're own our way to our next customer."

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