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Did you know that Foxtel installers have strict restrictions on where and how they can install your Foxtel Dish that don't apply to private companies such as Tv Magic? Since you're reading this, I'd say this is why you've found us. Foxtel installers generally aren't permitted to install their satellite dish above the height of a standard two-storey home or any roof that's slightly risky which would require more time than they have to make it safe for installation. We also find that some customers just can't wait the one-two weeks it can sometimes take for a Foxtel Dish installer in Robina to attend their home, so they just call us and we take care of it quickly; usually within 48hrs.

Another common reason we're called out to Robina Gold Coast is to relocate existing Foxtel or Christian TV satellite dishes to another part of the roof in preparation for a solar panel installation. Sometimes the solar companies even just take your dish off and the antenna and tell you to organise the re-installation yourself. Whatever reason you're needing a private company to install or relocate your Foxtel or Christian TV satellite dish just give us a call, I'm sure we can be of some assistance. Ph 0484 342 222.

5 things that can cause your Foxtel signal to pixelate or drop out.

  1. Bad weather. I'm talking heavy cloud cover here. Your satellite works best when it has a clear line of sight into space, so when you have thick cloud cover, you're receiving less signal and if it drops below a certain threshold you'll get pixelation or signal drop outs.
  2. Faulty LNB. The LNB is the part that translates the satellite reception into a signal for your Foxtel box. If it's not working, you'll get no signal at all.
  3. Water / corrosion in the LNB connection. Foxtel installers in Robina Gold Coast all have to remember to apply special water-proofing to their cable connections on the LNB or it will rust / corrode pretty quickly and cause signal issues. It's easy to forget to do and they are only human.
  4. Warped Dish. Some satellite dishes develop a warped shape over time and it only takes a millimetre of misalignment to turn your good Foxtel signal into a poor one.
  5. Faulty Multi-switch. A multi-switch is a satellite specialised part that allows you to split a satellite signal into multiple cable runs. It's different to a TV antenna splitter (and much more costly) as it has to manage the electricity being sent up the lines to the LNB. If you try to use a normal antenna splitter you could easily overload the LNB with too much power from multiple Foxtel boxes. 

A real-life example from today, 25th March 2019 follows:

"Martina lives in a three-storey apartment with somewhat sketchy roof access and she wanted Foxtel to install a dish on the roof for her unit. When their technicians arrived, they told her they couldn't safely do the job and told her to phone a private company like us. After we inspected her Robina apartment, we figured out a slightly un-orthodox method of getting to the roof safely to do the satellite dish installation. From there on, it was smooth sailing. Martina was really happy and we've already been back a couple of times to do the same installation for her neighbours."

"Geoff was having issues with birds crapping on his solar panels. They were sitting on his TV antenna and Foxtel dish doing their thing. The dish and the antenna were also shading the solar panels and should have been moved a long time ago before the solar panel installation. We easily relocated Geoff's Foxtel dish and antenna on his Robina Gold Coast home and installed some bird proofing on both to stop them landing on them. Geoff was happily surprised by our clever in-house bird proofing solution."

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