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"Make your Living Room a Show Room!"

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"Whether you need your TV Wall mounted above a fire place, outside in your entertainment area, in the corner up high, the living room, the bedroom, the dining room, positioned as close as possible to the wall or on a full motion bracket, we've got your covered. TV magic Robina mobile technicians carry a large variety of TV wall brackets, cables and adapters to get your TV and or sound bar wall mounted with that show room finish! With hundreds of TV mounting jobs under our experience along with hundreds of 5-star google reviews your guaranteed perfection."

5 Things to consider when choosing where to mount your TV.

  1. Is it a comfortable viewing position? Some customers want to mount their TV too high in our opinion, so we usually get them to sit at their couch and see for themselves. They'll usually get the fact they are going to get a sore neck looking up like that pretty quick and we don't need to convince them further.
  2. Can the cables be concealed in the wall? When mounting your TV, you have to pre-plan the cable run and make sure you're going to be able to do it. You have to be 100% certain there's not going to be any horizontal wall studs or braces in the way of the cable drop. Even bathtubs, wall recesses or sliding doors can prevent hidden cable runs.
  3. Under the aircon? Plenty of customers want to wall mount their TV in Robina Gold Coast underneath their air-conditioner. The trouble comes when the air-con drips water down into the back of your TV like a lot of them do from time to time.
  4. Does having it centred look funny? You have to decide when whether you're going to centre the TV horizontally according to the wall or to your furniture. Have someone like your installer hold up a measuring tape of the width of your TV and try out a few locations to see what looks best for the room.

A real-life example from today, 20th March 2019 follows:

"Katrina bought herself a new TV and Sound-bar and wanted it installed in her living room. When we arrived, we found she already had a TV wall mounted in this position and Katrina was assuming this was going to be a 10-minute swap job. As usual though, this is not the case. We needed to remove the old TV wall bracket and re-mount it on her wall in a new position, change the old type cables and replace them with HDMI cables etc. And then work out a way to neatly mount her sound bar as well in her Robinaa home. We both decided it would be better to install the sound-bar on the TV cabinet in this instance as it was going to look better and achieve what she wanted for less cost."

"Ryan won a 75inch Sony TV from a raffle and wanted to have it mounted in his bedroom. Thankfully when we arrived at his Robinaa home, we discovered his bedroom was huge and the 75inch TV was not going to look too big on his wall. (We actually do care whether you're going to do something that looks good or not ;). While wall mounting the TV we ran HDMI cables for his AV equipment and future proofed the install so he wouldn't need to call us back in the event he brought more of the latest and greatest gear that would connect to a TV."

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