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Just brought a new TV and can't tune the darn thing in? Or just not confident setting up your brand-new TV? Or even getting it out of the box safely? TV Magic is to the rescue!

Technology is not everyone's thing, and we get that at TV Magic. With all the hundreds of TV models out there, it's very likely our technicians will have had direct experience with your model and know exactly what to do when they arrive. So, setting up your new TV or troubleshooting your installation issues will be a breeze for us. Sometimes it's not even something that you're doing wrong from an installer point of view, it could be that your TV won't tune in to the channels because there's a problem with the antenna signal. If that's the case, our technicians, being jack of all trades TV related, have the know-how, tools and parts to get your TV reception fixed then and there.

You wouldn't believe how often we go out to homes in Surfers Paradise, Chevron Island, Isle of Capri & Main Beach to find that a new home owner has moved into a place that has no working TV reception. Why? Because a lot of people nowadays just watch Foxtel or Netflix and don't bother maintaining their homes TV antenna system. So, the new owners often find their new homes tv antenna signal is not working well enough to tune in their TVs

Another common trouble our customers have when installing a new TV is, they have issues with internet connectivity and trying to use Netflix. Most of the time it's because they've got no idea what to do, or they don't know how to test and improve their internet speed for their TV.

Here's a short list of common reasons our TV installers are called out

1. As mentioned above, some of our Surfers Paradise customers aren't technology savvy and the thought of setting up a Smart TV is just beyond them. They really need a service like ours, where we come out to their house, set it all up and basically hand them the remote along with some verbal and written instructions.

2. A new TV won't tune in the channels despite the owner performing an auto-tune. As mentioned above, it's not always the owner fault or not knowing what they are doing. Sometimes the TV reception isn't working at all and there's no concrete way to figure this out without the help of an expert with the right tools and know-how.

3. A customer in Isle of Capri or Chevron Island has brought a huge TV for their mansion and they either don't have time to set it up themselves or it's too big for them to be confident in handling it. We don't mind either way, we are always happy to help, that's why our business exists.

4. Our customers in Main Beach sometimes have a heap of AV equipment connected to their TV that they're replacing and don't feel confident swapping it out for a new TV. They don't know how to plug everything back in again. Things like DVD players, Foxtel boxes, Sound Bars, Sonos speakers, Telstra TV, Apple TV, speaker amplifiers, you get the idea.

5. Prize homes. Did you know that many of the prize homes on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise etc. enrol TV Magic to install and setup all the TV's in the display homes?

So, if you're in Surfers Paradise, Chevron Island, Main Beach, Isle of Capri and need a Satellite technician / professional / expert. Ph 0484 342 222

A real-life example from today, 20th June 2019 follows:

"Roxanne lives in a gated complex in Surfers Paradise where everyone shares the same TV antenna signal feed in from the street. Roxanne had been given a TV from her brother and wanted to assemble and set it up in her bedroom but, for the life of her, she couldn't get the darn thing to tune in the channels. When we arrived, what we found was that the TV outlet she was trying to use, had actually been converted into a Foxtel point. After we reconnected that line back to the TV antenna feed, the TV setup and tuned in just fine. Without having the proper, professional, industry specific tools like we do, Roxanne would of never figured it out."

"Walter and his wife Mary brought a new smart TV from Aldi and wanted some help setting it up. When we arrived, we got it out of the box, assembled the base, put it on the cabinet, installed the channels, setup the internet connection and showed them how to use Netflix. Fortunately, Walter was able to grasp how to use Netflix pretty quickly and can aid his wife with further training after we left."

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