TV Ad of the Decade!

Must Watch!  

A projector that hides away!

Check out this job! Another home cinema installation by TV magic with a motorised projector and motorised screen that come out of the ceiling and hide away when everthing is powered off.  

Perfect Internet on the GO!

If you want lightening fast internet whilst travelling through the bush or the outback; then TV Magic can help! We not only install starlink on homes and businesses; but motorhomes, caravans and yachts as well. You can have perfect internet through a Starlink plan and TV Magic will install the hardware in your caravan / motorhome /  marine craft / vessel and you'll be able to connect all your favourite devices to watch Netflix or work on the go at your choosing. Book us online here. For more info click here

11 Years since this Funny Ad was made

In 2013 this animated TV Ad was created. You can check out more of our funny videos / commercials here