Seven Ultra High Definition TV's are being delivered and installed by TV Magic Brisbane

For all AV gear purchases, don't lift a finger! Consult us first we can take the hassle out of delivery, faulty product, lemons and being conned over by retail sales reps. Nick from TV Magic has seven Samsung UHD TV's ready to go for next for one lucky customer. 

Going to the dentist is not fun! But now it just might be that much more enjoyable thanks to our Ceiling TV mounting service by TV Magic

Don't be fooled! Virtual surround sound is a gimmick!

Don't be fooled! It never ceases to amaze us how many customers get caught out - even in 2019! Whether it's that cheap projector or pack of speakers out of the back of a van or something you buy from a retail store! Salespeople sell the items that they stock without having a proper knowledge of what they actually do or how they perform in the real environment. Let's just look at virtual surround sound speakers and sound bars. Any speaker that claims to give you "real surround sound" and you don't actually have speakers installed in the correct positions around the room is defying the laws of physics! It's just not possible! The technology ( at times ) is good and can trick the listener, however it is never going to be as good as R E A L   S U R R O U N D  - S O U N D !!    If you have any doubts, contact your local technician here and speak to an expert before you buy anything from anywhere :) 

Floating Shelf, Sound Bar and TV installation by TV Magic Sydney

Albert from TV Magic has done a brilliant job installing this TV on wall along with Soundbar and floating AV shelf. If you want a need and tidy installation you know who to call!