Magic Moments was a raging success

Our annual conference in Perth last weekend was a raging success. Check out hundreds of photos and videos here from the weekend..

Mini Truck Convoy

Amongst our 42+ branded vehicles we have a Kei Truck. Over the weekend the TV Magic Mini truck participated in a 40+ Mini Truck gathering and journeyed from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Kei trucks can be seen everywhere in Japan. Their advantages are their ability to park in small spaces, have a turning circle that's as tight as your bicycle and fit in through tight spaces. Oh, and they are also 4wd! Yep! Their disadvantages is they are slow, gutless in fact (powered by a 1.3L, 3 cylinder engine) and can't be loaded up with more than approximately 350kg at a time. Other than they certainly turn heads and get attention! Our particular mini truck also features a tipper and predominently is used as a rubbish / recylcling truck. It helps us to recycle the huge volumes of cardboard from TV boxes we receive. 

Nearly ready...

Just before Christmas, 6 TV Magic technicians spent a whole day playing a role in which were all very unfamilar with; that of being an actor. We shot take after take; scene after scene for hours on end all for the purpose of creating one, very funny Web / TV / Cinema ad that will be 30 - 60 seconds long. We can't wait to share it with you and the world. Here are some screenshots as a teaser..

It's that time of year again - Annual Conference

TV Magic and Assembly Magic are gearing up for another epic conference; this time and for the first time; in Perth WA. At our conference - "Magic Moments"; we'll be celebrating 20 years of business with the theme of Sport. Here are photos from last year's conference - Magic of the 20s.