Watching TV has changed alot in the last 25 years!

Now a 55 inch is a standard toddler's bedroom size TV. It is also not that uncommon to find three, four, five or even more TVs mounted on the wall in the average Large family home. 

New Video - Video #22 - We know our customers have lots of questions about different brands 

Especially when it comes time to upgrading or purchasing your new TV. Perhaps you are finally updating or starting a cinema room from scratch and don't know where to start. Which brand is better? Can you really trust the sales people at retail stores who make commission on different brands? Can you really trust a TV to have a better picture when the settings have been played with?... where the contrast and brightness is turned up on one TV and the TV next to it is deliberately setup for a 'poor picture'?  The tricks that the salespeople don't tell you - is something to be wary of. Call us today for genuine, no brand affilation un-biassed advice on brands and model numbers. Speak to your local technician by clicking here. 

 New Video - Projector Bulb Replacement - Servicing Brisbane, Toowoomba, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Now Townsville

Have you got a projector? Need the bulb replaced? Is it mounted to the ceiling? We can safely and conveniently install and replace your projector bulbs, realign your project and calibrate it for optimal performance. Book your local technician by clicking here

Snake Found in Ceiling - Would you want to go up there?

You just never know what is lurking up in the ceiling space of your home. Having a reptilian surprise you face to face in an awkward location as such can be very dangerous. As it potentially hides under the insulation (like this one) , even if one doesn't bite you - it may startle you, causing you to lose your balance or footing which could potentially lead to you damaging your home/ceiling or worse - falling through. And the consequences of such a fall can range any where from impalements, broken legs and even death - depening on how you land and/or what you land on. The roof space is a dangerous space even for professionals. However, we have the correct tooling, correct lighting equipment and experience. We are use to the heat and use that experience. Crawling or climbing around up there is not worth your time or your safety.