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TV Magic installs a vast range of cinema package options ranging from $2500 to $50,000. Packages listed are categorized in different budget brackets and vary in features, quantity of equipment, quality of equipment and performance plus many other factors. Read the small descriptions to help choose which package may be for you.   



All home cinema packages come with 12 months free after sales care! Whilst all systems are specifically designed to be powerful, elegant and easy to use - we know that you may need help from time to time after we've left to use the gear! That's why we offer this service. 

For a limited time - packages are also including a free touch-screen universal remote control valued to $550! This little beauty will give that finishing touch to your system allowing you to turn on your entire system with the touch of 1 button. Not 7! You will have control at your finger tips and you will be dazzled by the power of these remotes. If you have had a universal remote before and didn't like it - this may be because it isn't as easy to use and doesn't do what ours does! 


Cinema Room - The SURROUND SOUND

Surround Sound was designed to give the actual 360 degree field of hearing that you experience in real life to be imitated through the material that you are viewing in your TV viewing or movie watching experience. Movies and HD Television recording studios literally use 5+ microphones to record the actual sounds on the recording set coming from different directions. These 5 x recordings are known 'channels' which are processed into the one audio signal that contains 5 x seperate bits of information. All channels are 100% completely independant from one another and are intended to be sent to a 5 channel amplifier e.g to then send these 5x bits of information to a set of 5x speakers all positioned according to speaker positioning which is known as 'surround sound'. 5.0 and 5.1 refer to the number of channels in a surround sound system with the '.1' being a subwoofer speaker for bass (low frequency effects). 

Currently 5.1 channel sources (Free to Air Television programs e.g) are becoming more and more popular. DVD movies have had 5.1 for ten plus years. 7.1 and 7.2 channel signals are now found on Bluray DVD and this is just the starting point. 

What are these surround sound 'channels'?

If you want to learn more about surround sound channels and correct speaker positioning Click Here (This is general information only; to help you grasp the concepts of what surround sound is all about. All cinema package installations include professional speaker placement as well as professional audio calibration)

Cinema package installations are installed to achieve the best audio quality possible. Audio calibration and the audio industry is big, big business. Here you can learn about the best audio quality basic principals read more that is used in the installations. 

Achieving the best audio quality is all about the quality of your speakers, IS THIS TRUE?

A: Yes and No. When you're designing/buying your own home cinema this is information you need to know! Read more



All packs contain components that deliver FULL HD 1080p. As of early 2013 this is the latest technology in Australia. But of course as technology goes 4K (a resolution 4 x better than Full HD) 4 K will be the latest technology by when? Mid 2013? Late 2013? We don't know. It's available but but it is quite new and excessive. This won't be the case if you're reading this in 12 months time.

Full HD is the standard of Bluray DVD movies. Full HD is the same as 1080p or one thousand and eighty (1080) pixels (dots per square inch) progressively (p) scanned across your TV or through your projector. 1080p or a.k.a Full HD refers to the resolution of the picture or how many pixels (dots per square inch) you see in the picture; how much detailed information there is per square inch. 

Bluray is noticeably better quality than standard HD or standard DVD. We consider the difference to be easily noticed just as comparing SD (standard definition) TV channels to HD (high definition TV programs). 

It makes sense to get the latest technology at the time of purchasing your home cinema to future proof your gear for as long as possible. Of course within 2 months time there is going to be something better available (there always is). This is true for everybody, so the least you can do is the get the latest at the time of purchase to ensure it's still quite impressive or at least functional 5-10 years down the track. 



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