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Don't Risk an Accident; Wall Mount Your TV Today!

Hi there, do you have one, two or more TV's in your Nome residence? Are they displayed safely? Hi, I'm Gordon, your local TV Magic technician here in Nome and I specialize in creating entertainment systems that not only look and sound great but are safe as well. One of the most common accidents that happen in relation to children being injured by furniture are TV'a that weren't properly secured to the wall, falling down on a child who might have pushed or pulled it, or climbed behind the cabinet to get a toy. If your TV isn't secured to the wall, or you have speakers, a soundbar or even a shelf that you would prefer to have on the wall for safety and practicality, then TV Magic are the team to help you get it there; looking and sounding fantastic and keeping your family safe!

 Wall Mounting for Space

Another great benefit that comes as a result of Wall Mounting your TV, is that it takes up no floor space at all so it is ideal for small spaces such as small rooms or apartments. TV Magic can get your TV on the wall and looking great in no-time, as well as providing you with further benefits like a safer space, better viewing for a group of family members and a modern and streamlined looking TV Setup. If you want to enjoy the benefits of an entertainment system that is safe, smart and practical, then call me here at TV Magic Nome and get your free quote on all your TV Antenna needs today!

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