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Do you want a home entertainment system that turns heads and impresses even the most hard-to-please family members? Here at TV Magic Oak Valley, we can help you get the most out of your home entertainment and give you the experience of a lifetime. I'm Gordon, your local TV Magic expert and I specialize, not only in getting the job done well and on-time, but in creating a beautiful and functional home entertainment system for you that also gives you a quality and convenient experience. One popular service that we offer here at TV Magic Oak Valley is our Wall Mounting service, which makes your entertainment system look better, more versatile and convenient and creates a safer home for you and your kids. Let's take a look at some of the other amazing benefits of having your TV Mounted on the wall. 

 Smart and Stylish Soundbars!

TV Magic not only provide and install TV's, but we can install or Wall Mount your sound equipment as well. Soundbars are a great choice when it comes to matching the right audio to your home entertainment system. Soundbars are almost on par with a Surround Sound system when it comes to the quality of sound that you can expect and they are streamlined, modern and look very appealing when paired with your Wall Mounted TV. If you want to know that your home entertainment system is safe for the kids to be around, as well as looking great and offering the practical versatility of a smart home entertainment setup. So why not call TV Magic today and get your free quote on TV Wall Mounting in Oak Valley today!

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TV Wall Mounting Service, Concealed Cables, Safety & Aesthetically pleasing   

A TV on a stand left unanchored is a danger to your young children and pets. New insurance stats reveal a whopping 35% of total televisions in households with toddlers/small children topple over with over 49% of those resulting in serious injury. Don't leave it to chance.. secure your TV on the wall today. 

A TV on the wall looks a million bucks doesn't it? When the cable spaghetti is gone, when all the cables are hidden, you may just find that you are watching TV for the sake of it, admiring your monitor, floating there on the wall without focussing intently on what's actually on the screen!! 

Children are unpredictable. They love to climb, pull, throw stuff, kick balls and in general do not understand the implications of every action they take. Making sure your home is child friendly includes mounting your televisions on the wall. Recent insurance stats and the number of damage reports we are called out to do on a weekly basis, we can tell you 2 x thing: 1. Birds are good for business (TV antennas) 2. Not so funny, - TV's left unachored on stands are toppling over:- left, right and centre. 

Some of the TV wall mounting installations I've done - Why TV Magic is the most experienced TV wall mounting service

TV wall mounting with a super slim sound bar - not one millimetre of a cable peaking out

Sound bar mounting & installations by TV Magic

Recessed TV Wall Mounting by TV Magic

Wall mounting & projector screen mounting

Floating A.V shelves by TV Magic

Who do you trust to put holes in your walls? What about your $6000 stone feature wall with no way of finding studs?


Before and Afters - TV Wall Mounting installations

Want your own TV wall? Check out this multi-unit TV display wall inside a customer's living room!

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What makes us the best TV wall mounting service? A. Our attention to detail!

Apartment building / hotel/ complex TV wall mounting - We were the first to implement white coax cables!

Besides our unparalleled attention to detail we mount more TVs in more locations than anybody else!

TV wall mounting above Fireplaces is our specialty 

TV Wall mounting by TV Magic - any brand . any size . anywhere ©

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TV Magic are Mirror TV and hidden TV specialists!

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We even execute TV wall mounting safer than anybody else! With specialty tools to protect your screen and lift safely! 

Experience the magic touch today. We simply cannot show our competitors all our trade secrets! Experience it for yourself and get what you won't get anywhere else. Choose TV Magic for your TV wall mounting needs! 

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