Robert Hayde - TV Installation Specialist

0459 571 555

Robert Hayde Bio

  • Born: Melbourne
  • Year joined TV Magic: 2021
  • Service Area: Melbourne West & Geelong
  • Mob. 0459 571 555
  • Fav. TV Snack: Chocolate
  • Fav. TV Show / Movie: The Martian

TV Magic Career Achievements / Awards:

    • 2021 Joined $5k Club;
    • 2022 Joined $10k Club;
    • 2021 Broke Company Record for Starlink Installation;
    • 2022 Rookie Salesman of the Year!

A job by Robert Hayde (below)

An interview with Robert Hayde by Beth O

Beth: "Hey Robert, how's your day going?"

Robert: "Yeah good, I just had a job where I thought the IT clown was waiting under the house for me, which was a bit scary"

Beth: "Oh geez, I'm glad it's you and not me! So Robert, I know not all jobs are scary, what's your favourite job to do?"

Robert: "Can't think of any, I don't have a particular bias to anyone job code so N/A really"

Beth: "Oh that's good. Alot of the guys have a major preference/bias to different jobs, whether it be because they are easy or more satisfying.. but yeah there are a few guys who like all the work like you so good on you.. So anyway, have you got a story for me.. what's the most awkward customer experience you've ever had?"

Robert: "Oh!! There's two I have to tell you about! One, where the customer was blaming me for something I didn't do. They had existing damage to their wall and I never touched it. I was completely unaware of the situation. I was naturally very clueless and almost thought the customer was joking.. but unfortunately for me that came across as deceptive or something to the customer.. SO anyway they didn't believe me, they tried to argue with me over and over and every attempt I made to difuse the situation wasn't working and right up until this point, I still thought they were joking!. But this ended really badly.. they actually called the cops on me!"

Beth: "Wait!  No way!"    .. "Are you serious?" 

Interview continued..

Robert: "Yeah!!  And this was early on when I started too! Which really put me off.. I was wondering  - are all customers like this!? Later on and now of course, when I think back... that customer was a bit crazy. Who calls the cops!? for somethink like that"

Beth: "True! Yeah, if that was a legitimate thing, you'd take it up in a much more reasonable way. I suppose ... let me guess, the Police rocked up and laughed at them? Did they turn up when you were there? Or did they even turn up?"

Robert: "Yeah they turned up and they agreed and told me to get my stuff and leave .. because the customer was crazy. They wouldn't let on too much more but after I gave them my statement I could tell that they were being un-reasonable" 

Beth: "I think this story might make the hall of fame Robert. I know Paul has had a Police experience from a crazy customer. It's a bit of concern to hear this and I bet you were worried when you were just starting out! I've been with TV Magic myself for 7 years now and I've heard some crazy customers on the phone and spoken to them in emails. We have a pretty big database and there's always those crazies out there. So anyway Robert, being a rooking and all, congratulations on your recent 2022 Rookie Salesman of the Year!! That's amazing. By the way I can tell when talking to you, just your voice, there's no reasonable way a customer would or should call the cops on you.. you're just too nice! 

Robert: "Oh thanks"

Beth: "So what made you this way? Surely you have a past, which brings me to my next question, what did Robert do before TV Magic?"

Robert: "I owned a business called swings and things. I made and sold scented candles. Manufacturer Ace Rebount, then I became a stone mason"

Beth: "That's impressive. That explains your flair for TV Magic and providing excellent customer service. So besides work what are your hobbies and interests Rob?"

Robert: "Hiking and Photography"

Beth: "And what's your biggest achievement in life?"

Robert: "My Daughter, and climbing Mt Everest Base Camp" 

Beth: "Oh that explains the pic of you hiking with an antenna on your back! So if you were to hike, fly or teleport to any place on Earth Robert, that was Robert's Fav place in the world; where would that be?"

Robert: "Himalayas, Antarctica, Still so much to see and explore"

Beth: "Thanks Robert. You're a good bloke. Congratulations again on your achievements. I hope a customer doesn't blame you for talking to me while you're on a job! But if they do call the cops.. give me their phone number and I'll give them what's for if I can help it!"

Robert receiving recognition for breaking a company Record

2022 Robert Hayde - Rookie Salesman of the Year WINNER!

Robert posing with International Magician, Sam Powers


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