Anton Van Der Merwe - Bunbury TV - Antenna - Home Theatre Expert

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Anton Van Der Merwe's Bio

  • Born: Military Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Year Started TV Magic: 2018
  • Service Area: Bunbury, WA
  • Mob. 0484 352 222
  • Fav. TV Snack: Oreo Ice cream cookie
  • Fav. TV Show / Movie: The Equalizer Series (Denzal Washington) 

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2019 Best Customer Service WINNER!
  • 2022: Joined $5k club
  • 2023: Expanded TV Magic business to 2 vans in Mandurah/ Rockingham

An interview with Anton by Beth O, 2023

Beth: "Hi Anton, are you ready for the first question?"

Anton: "Hi Beth, yeah sure, fire away"

Beth: "What's the biggest tip you've ever received from a customer?"

Anton: "$10 neatly folded by and older woman, and put in my hand discretely and saying "You buy yourself a beer with that, you're amazing" ... I think it may also qualify as the most awkward customer experience.

Beth: "hahahahahaha oh how.. hahahah I was not hahaha.. hang-on give me a minute"

Anton: "hahahahhah"

Beth: "hahah wow my belly is hurting.. I wasn't expecting that.. for a moment haha I was feeling sorry for you about such a small tip but then.. that was hilarious! That would have to be the funniest story yet! So did you know that question was coming up? ..where I ask what your most awkward customer experience is? "

Anton: "Yeah, I've read some of the other guy's interviews"

Beth: "haha so well lets jump to that question, Anton what is the most awkward customer experience you've ever had? Was that it? Or do you have another one for me? "

Anton: "I was mounting some TVs for a customer. I was very focussed and did not notice anything amiss. On the last TV I had to wall mount I went to check the other side of the wall, to make sure it was ok to drill where I needed to to mount the last TV on the wall. With permission I went and checked the other side of the wall and as I was leaving the room, my eyes noticed a few objects and paraphernalia and lots and lots of lube. I quickly had the realisation that I was working in a "place of business", if you catch my drift. I couldn't stop giggling for the rest of the day"

Beth: "haha. That story is gold! So Anton what is your favourite type of job? "

Anton: "Starlink installations"

Beth: "Where is your favourite place on earth? "

Anton: "Rarotonga, Cook Islands"

Beth: "Biggest achievement to date? "

Anton: "Purchasing and establishing a 2nd territory in the TV Magic business"

Beth: "Hobbies? Things you do for fun? "

Anton: "Gaming and all things technology"

Beth: "Lastly, what did you do before TV Magic?"

Anton: "I was a retail stores manager at Wesfarmers"


Welcome to Bunbury's Award Winning TV Antenna Service

We've fixed more TV reception problems and pixelating Televisions than just about anybody. Servicing Bunbury, Mandurah, Rockingham and Surrounds. 

Create Amazing with our professional TV wall mounting installation service

As only TV Magic says - Any brand television, Any size Television, Any where you want it. We can wall mount it, install it and make your day. 

TV Points - Bunbury, Mandurah & Surrounding

Professional TV point installation - We check for signal integrity and ensure your existing system and points are up to scratch

Satellite Dish Installation, Home Theatre Setup, Projector Installation, VAST TV, Media Rooms, TV Tuning, MaTV and more 

At TV Magic, we do it all! 

0484 352 222

What others have said about Anton - TV Magic Bunbury
"Very Professional and friendly. Fantastic Service. Highly Recommend". - Marelize

"Will recommend Anton at all times. Amazing Service!!" - Deon 

"Highly Recommend. Knowledgeable and great Service"- Lisa Prinsloo

An Interview with Anton by Beth O, 2018

Hi Anton, what do you do in your spare time? Anton: I've always dreamed of being a helicopter pilot
What is your most favourite job of all time? Anton: Yes I really like TV Wall Mounting jobs. I do them every day and I just enjoy seeing the delight on people's faces when the job is complete. 
What is your favourite TV snack? Anton: Bilton (It's like Beef Jerky)
What would you like to say to your customers of Bunbury? Anton: Well I service Bunbury and right down to Albany, as well as Mandurah & Rockingham. Two other guys service Perth. I love Bunbury and where I live. A lot of tradies come from Perth and you don't need to pay them to travel that huge distance. Call a local guy. Every since I started this business in Mandurah several years ago I know I've given the competition a run for their money! haha .. I guess thats what happens when you put the customer first and you have better install experience. 

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