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Gordon Tidy Bio

  • Born: Carlton, VIC
  • Year Joined TV Magic: 2018
  • Serivce Area: Townsville
  • Mob. 0473 495 555
  • Fav TV Snack: Popcorn or Chilli Chips
  • Fav. TV Show / Movie: Brooklyn 99 / Mission Impossible
  • Biggest TIP from a customer: $50

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2019 Joined $5k club
  • 2019 Rookie Technician of the Year!

An Interview with Gordon by Beth O

Beth: "Hey Gordo! How's Townsville!?"

Gordon: "Yeah, pretty hot"

Beth: "So Gordo, off the top of your head, what's the most awkward experience you've ever had with a customer in the whole 5 ish years you've been with TV Magic?"

Gordon: "One time I was runing some Foxtel Cables with the customer and the customer followed me around like a shadow from start to finish. And I don't mean at a distance, having a friendly chat; I mean I thought they were my shadow, attached to me, like they were trying to smell my hair or something. Personal space is a lesson this character hasn't learnt yet. I went to put my drill down after using it, next to my boot and I nearly put it on top of their foot"

Beth: "Haha! wow, did that make you nervous?"  

Gordon: "I dunno, I just try to get on with the job and not let it effect me"

Beth: "Well you're better than I. If I had someone trying to share my keyboard I'd be likely to smack the keyboard over their head! lol So Gordon, we've known each other a little while,.. you've been with TV Magic for ages; what did you do before TV Magic again?"

Gordon: "Worked at a galvanising plant"

Beth: "That's right, sheet metal and stuff. And Gordon what's your biggest life achievement to date?"

Gordon: "Starting a family  and installing a Video wall at Lavarack Barracks"

Beth: "Sounds interesting. I think I've seen those photos. Is that the job where you used a scissor lift?"

Gordon: "That's the one"

Beth: "Now where on Earth would you call your absolutle MOST FAVOURITE place on Earth?"

Gordon: " So far Australia " 

Gordon Tidy - Local TV - Antenna - Home Theatre Installer

For anything that is remotely related to TV antennas, TV installation or Home theatre/cinemas - Gordon is your man for the Townsville region. Armed with over eighty items in his van - Gordon can mount your TV with the best bracket to suit; put your TV antenna points where you actually want them (and not just where it's convenient for the installer); install your home theatre, amplifiers, speakers & surround sound. Just give Gordon a call!

Satellite Dish Installation Townsville

For all your foxtel dish installations, foreign TV satellite installs, christian TV, or Vast Satellite - Gordon is your man. Are you unable to get perfect TV reception? Or no reception at all? We guarantee we will be able to get it for you! Give us a call!

Speaker Installation, Indoor, Outdoor, Surround Sound, Home Theatre Setup & Multi Room Audio by TV Magic Townsville

Speakers are everywhere! You too, can have your speakers whereever you desire! Out on the deck, in the man cave, in the bedroom, the media room, the kitchen, in your office, down the hallway (where-ever we can run a cable we can install a speaker). Wireless speakers also are a possibility - just give us a call. What about your home theatre?  Is it working to its full potential. It might be time to have it set up properly, calibrated for peak performance. We can take the headache out of the installation for you. 

TV Wall mounting Townsville - any brand - any size - any where!

Where there is a wall - there is a way! Gordon is an expert and experienced TV wall mounting guru! Make your TV look a million bucks and have it professional wall mounted in your living room, out door deck, bedroom, garage, business, building, office, bus stop, cafe, airport, super-market (or whereever you want to put a TV) we can do it!


0473 495 555

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