Carl Browne 

Award Winning Antenna, Home Theatre, Starlink & TV installer

0484 642 222

Carl Browne's Bio

  • Born: Canberra
  • Year Started TV Magic: 2018
  • Service Area: Canberra
  • Mob. 0484 642 222
  • Fav. TV Snack: Chicken wings
  • Fav TV show / movie: State of Origin

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2019 Joined $5k club (Commercial Installations)
Check out the Home Cinema Carl built!

More photos here

Watch the time-lapse video of the home cinema transformation!

Carl receiving his award at Making More Magic

Carl Brown with international comedian, Arj Barker

An interview with Carl by Beth O, 2023

Beth: "Hi Carl! So what did you do before you joined TV Magic?"

Carl: "I was a commercial construction site manager"

Beth: "Nice, next .. my favourite question of all - what's the most awkward customer experience you've ever had?"

Carl: "I almost got stuck on a roof. It was a really windy day... two storey house .. I was on the roof and despite tying my ladder off to the roof my 6m ladder blew over. It went over the neighbour's fence into the next door neighbour's property and bent out of shape. I had to call my customer to help. He was in his late 80's. He retrieved my ladder with great effort and some how managed to get the now banana shaped ladder just over the lip of the gutter so I could climb down. Very hairy moment"

Beth: "Oh nooo, how embarrassing! How awkward! .. maybe we shouldn't post this one online...?  "

Carl: "Well awkward yes.. but embarrassing no.. I think this can happen to anyone.. I've heard of it happening alot. I've been in the construction trade my whole life and it won't be the first time or the last this has happened to a tradie! It's never happened to me before Beth, but it really was a unusual random gust of wind that took it out.. maybe my strap gave way"

Beth: "That makes sense. Well I'm glad you're alright! So you've been in the construction industry for over a couple of decades.. and TV Magic for 5 years; what's your favourite job to do in TV Magic?"

Carl: "Starlink Installations"

Beth: "How about one favourite quote?"

Carl: "Work hard and be nice to your mother"

Beth: "Wise words! Fav. place on earth?"

Carl: "Home"

Beth: "What do you do for fun / outside of TV Magic-king?"

Carl: "Listening to music / guitar / joinery projects. I even built my own speakers"

Beth: "Wow! Yes, I've seen those photos. So lastly, what's one thing that not many people know about you?"

Carl: "I enjoy joinery projects and making things in general. I'm a carpenter joiner by trade. I've recently made a pair of high end floor standing speakers for home"

The high-end speakers Carl hand built..


An incredibly professional service. Carl was highly responsive, punctual, and is a skilled technician with obvious extensive experience. Don't waste time… call Carl. - Paul, Canberra


Needed to find a local guy, as I'm interstate, to sort my mother's place that lost reception.
Carl was truly professional from the start. She explained that he was a nice, polite and well mannered young man that knew what he was doing and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He kept her updated by calling to say he was running behind time.
Well done mate and thanks for taking care of my old lady. 5* - Craig, Canberra

Very good service and a highly skilled technician. Thanks very much. - Mark, ACT

Carl's expert services include

About Carl Browne (interview by Beth Outerbridge), 2018

Q. So Carl, what is something that not many people know about you?

A. I really don't like Vegemite!

Q. Carl, out of all the jobs you've done.. is there one job that stands out? tell us about a job, any job, that stands out for you ..

A. One of my favourite jobs was where I Wall Mounted three TV's for a lady in a Penthouse apartment. I went to a lot of effort to do it well, and then, I also set up her cabinet while I was there. She was so happy with the job she sent me photos of it after she'd added the final touches, saying that she couldn't be more pleased! That made me feel great!

Q. What's your go-to TV snack?

A. Chocolate Peanuts, you start out just having a few and then you can't stop!

Q. Describe your average day in three words?

A. Motivating, Satisfying and Energetic!

Local Canberra Antenna service, TV installation technician 

Carl Browne is about as handy as they come. Having been involved in trades and construction practically his whole life - Carl is a whiz with getting the job done efficiently and delivering that "bang for buck" results. We have found that what our customers really want is:- their desires / problems fixed right the first time and awesome value for money. That's what you'll find when you book in Carl for your Canberra home theatre, TV installation, TV antenna, Satellite dish installation job. 

Canberra's Best - tvs. antennas. home theatre. Service - TV Magic!

Whether you want a free quote or a no-nonsense efficient solution to your A.V / TV / Home Theatre demands Carl is your man! Call him direct. No call centre ! All you will get by calling 0484 642 222 is Carl on the other end ready to assist whereever possible. Even with Carl's high demand for service and busy customer schedule - Carl should be able to get there quickly. Your call to TV Magic is the only and last call you need to make! We often fix what the 'other's ' have left unfinished / didn't do properly and we cringe when we see that the customer has paid twice for a less than knowledgeable technician. Don't let this be you!

mob. 0484 642 222

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