Canberra Home Cinema Design and Installation 

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Check out this home cinema transformation. Watch the time-lapse video 

Carl turned this customer's basement into a state-of-the-art home cinema with 4k projector and dolby atmos surround sound. Carl bult the walls, sheeted them, painted them. He did the carpet laying and the wiring. He supplied the gear and installed it...calibrated the speakers and handed over the remote. This project was carried out over a number of stages and included approximately 7 days of labour. If you have a home theatre / home cinema project call us on 0484 642 222. We do home theatre budgers from $3500 all the way to $100k+ budgets for the likes of Birch, Carroll & Coyle and Event Cinemas.

Carl's teenage daughter, helping out on weekends...

Painting finished, ready for the pre cabling..

We can install fix screens, pull down screens, motorised screens. 

We can install fixed projectors, short throw projects (close to the wall - commercial applications) and even motorised concealed projectors (ones that come down from the ceiling and are hidden when not in use).

As for speakers in your home cinema/home theatre, we install in-ceiling speakers, in wall speakers, book shelf speakers or free standing. Call us for package deals. We get all the gear at discounted rates and can give unbiased recommendations on what gear to use for your budget. We are not bound by any one brand, nor retailer... so our advice and recommendations really is unbiased as to what gear will meet your performance expectations. Being installers, we also have the advantage of the real-world performance of the different brands and models of gear; that floor salespeople will never have. 

Project complete. The customer wanted to think about their own finishing touches. We also have fitted off curtains, movie posters, popcorn machines and all sorts of paraphernalia to theme our home cinema installations. 

Check out the before and after photo below. 

The man, who built it, walls and all..

0484 642 222