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Matt is as handy as they come. He knows how to get the best result and bang for buck for all your TV reception woes. Call 0484 543 333 to book him in now. 


Matt is professional, polite and eager to please. The best thing about Matt is that he is not happy until the job is 110%. You can be confident, knowing that no dodgy work is going on, because Matt is the perfectionist even if you weren't there to watch him. He is blatantly honest and work he carries out when no one is looking is exactly the same as if you were watching over his shoulder. 

TV Wall Mounting - any size TV, any brand TV, any wall in your Perth home or office

The tag line says it all - any brand, any size, any where! Where others have said "it can't go there" TV Magic finds a way!*

Perth Home Theatre installation, Setup, Surround Sound & Media Rooms

Matt Wolstenholme is an expert originally from the U.K. Now Perth bound, Matt runs and efficient and high quality, industry leading home theatre installation service to all the residents of Perth. He can be at your job site in a matter of days or even hours to setup, install, tweak, tune in, calibrate, design, deliver and even tailor up a custom package for your new or existing home theatre / home cinema. 

Don't just trust any one - Matt is called out regularly to fix up what other's made a mess of and the customer ended up paying twice.. 

0484 543 333

Perth TV, Antenna, Home Theatre, Satellite Dish installer - Matt Wolstenholme

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Matthew Wolstenholme, is Perth's local antenna, home theatre, new TV point, satellite dish and media room installation guru. 

What others have said about Matt.. 

"This is by far, the best service I have ever received. I have been stressed moving house and with all the other trades - Matt made my day. I take my hat off to Matt and The TV Magic team" - Dean Greenwood

"Matt W is a real pleasure to deal with. I had every confidence that he understood what was required and what I was expecting - which was a "unusually specific result" for my drop down ceiling TV. I rang a few other companies and none of them wanted anything to do the job. As I thought originally such a job would be a very custom job and expensive exercise. When I first called Matt, he gave me every confidence and I must admit I was even sceptical. But he literally made such a job "no big deal" and made it look easy. Truly professional experience. If you want the best call TV Magic" - Hayden MacNamara

"Lovely fellow Matthew made my day when he was the only one of three antenna service professionals to show up. I had immediate trust to leave him with my elderly mother -just after meeting him for a few brief moments. More than that, the price came in at half the cost of another quote I got. Thanks a million!" - Judy P
Matt was great! Extremely efficient, had the job done in no time and gave some great advice! Would highly recommend his service. Thanks Matt :) - Megan S

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