Brent Wilksch, Sunshine Coast TV antenna & Home Theatre installation expert

Brent Wilksch Bio

  • Born: Berri, Riverland Sout Australia
  • Year Started TV Magic: 2017
  • Service Area: Sunshine Coast
  • Mob. 0476 781 111
  • Fav TV Snack? Fresh Strawberries
  • Fav TV Show / Movie: Yellow Stone

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2017 Joined $5k Club
  • 2018 Northern NSW Master Franchisee
  • 2018: Franchisee of the Year!
  • 2019: Joined $10k Club
  • 2019: Franchisee of the Year! 
  • 2019: Salesman of the Year
  • 2021: Grew Business to 2 x Vans
  • 2022: Grew Business to 3 x Vans


Master Franchisee Training, Sunny Coast 2019

An interview with Brent Wilksch by Beth O

Beth: "Afternoon Brent! Lets getting cracking, 1st question, What is your favourite job code?"

Brent: "TV reception repair would be my 1st:- it's the most rewarding and Tune and setups would be second. I love sharing my knowledge. They would be the most fulfilling/ satisfying"

Beth: " Biggest Tip from a customer? 

Brent: "$100 cash in my hand"

Beth: "Most awkward customer experience?"

Brent: "Walking through a customer's house with a mother and teenage girls, for a full hour.. with a G string stuck to the velcro of my pocket"

Beth: "hahahhahaha HOW on earth did that happen? "

Brent: "I was at some stage doing a new TV point installation in one of the daughter's bedrooms.. it was a messy room, clothes everywhere.. clothes on the floor etc and it must have stuck as I knealt down and I had no idea until right near the end of the job. Man I was embarrassed to say the least and I really do hope the customer never saw"

Beth: "That is in the TOP 3! That's going to get some click bait. WOW haha . So umm hahha Brent.. haha when you're not trying to steal customer's clothes, what do you do for fun? "

Brent: "go to the gym, my dogs, and DIY / home improvement"

Beth: "What's your favourite place on earth? "

Brent: "Santorini, Greece. Overlooking the volcano. Eating and drinking in amazing restaurants"

Beth: "That description just took me on holiday Brent. Nice. Next question, what did you do before TV Magic?"

Brent: "I was a logistics operator and worked in the mines"

Beth: "Last question, biggest achievement in life would be? "

Brent: "Owning and living in a house in one of the most desired spots in Australia, if not the world"

Sunshine Coast Master Technician and Team Leader

What did Brent Wilksch do before joining TV Magic? 

Brenton Wilksch is an ex oil rigger - now an experienced and qualified TV antenna installer and home theatre installation expert on the Sunshine Coast. Residing near Caloundra, Brent and his team cover all of the Sunshine Coast right up to Gympie; down to Caboolture and everywhere in between. You can be confident in knowing that if you have TV reception problems, need a TV mounted on the wall, a media room designed or installed or simply TV tuning - Brent will be able to achieved the desired results you seek without any fuss. Call Brent today on 0476 781 111.

Brent Wilksch - an advocate of safety

Being an ex oil rigger, Brent Wilksch is also an advocate of safety and takes safety very seriously - as does the rest of the TV Magic team. Safety is paramount for our technicians as well as for the customer. 

2019 Franchisee of the Year - Brent Wilksch!

2018 Franchisee of the Year! - Brent Wilksch!

Brent with International comedian, Arj Barker

The Sunshine coast is booming with old rusty, fallen TV antennas and people putting up with dodgy TV reception. Brent makes it his business to change the way Sunshine Coast residents watch and experience home theatre/television - one house hold at a time. Part of a good antenna system reception repair is ensuring high quality parts are used as well as correct installation techniques. This means that a reception repair / antenna installation job carried out will pass the test of time. At TV Magic - for our Sunshine Coast TV reception repair customers - our standards are 10-15 years! Whilst some of the competition aim to fix the antenna/reception for 2-5 years, we find our standards and th results we achieve are much higher. 

An interview with Brent Wilksch by Danielle Read,  2017

Meet Brent !! Brent services ALL of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and goes above and beyond to provide local residents and businesses with high quality TV - Antenna - Home Theatre & Satellite installation services at competitive prices! Find out more about Brent here, while we dream of a paradise getaway to the Sunny Coast 
What's your favourite TV show? The Walking Dead
What were you doing before TV Magic? "I was all kinds of things! I've worked in logistics, with oil and gas, as a scaffolder and fisherman!"
Tell us something that not many people know about you. "My partner and I have a new Bull Arab puppy called Murphy. We treat him like he's a new born (laughs). We also love going out for dinner and heading to the beach for a bike ride or a surf on the weekend"
What is your favourite job to do? "Definitely wall mounting. It's so great to see how excited the customers are after you've hung the TV on their wall. They're basically doing back flips!"
Your favourite experience with a customer? "Recently, I had a job where a customer wanted a soundbar with a Bluetooth sub woofer integrated. The customer had Motor Neuron disease and had been bound to his wheelchair for two years. It was shocking to see. He had a 65'' TV which had been wall mounted by another company. They had told him that they had wall mounted it on an angle to stop the glare. However this meant that the customer couldn't see the screen properly. When I had a closer look, I could see that they just hadn't done the job the right way because the points were in difficult spots to work with. I took the extra time, re-wall mounted his TV and committed to a more difficult job for the benefit of the customer. We got the sound system working just how he liked it too."
Go to TV snack? "A big bag of butter popcorn or CHIPS Jalapeño
Describe your average working day in three words... "Busy but rewarding!"
Do you live on the Sunshine Coast and require a reliable TV technician for your residence or business? Call Brent on 0476 781 111 today!

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, Call Brent Wilksch for a free quote 

0476 781 111

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