Craig Anderson - Melbourne TV antenna specialist, Home Theatre, Wall Mounting Guru

0487 805 555

Craigs Bio

  • Born
  • Year Started TV Magic: 2017
  • Service Area: Lilydale & Melbourne North
  • Mob. 0487 805 555
  • Fav TV Snack? Potato Chips
  • Fav TV Show / Movie? The Green Mile / Duke of Hazzard

Craig Anderson with Daniel & Shane on a TV Magic Snow Trip


Below, Craig doing research to do flying lesson as he aspires to get his recreational pilot's license

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2017: Joined $5k Club
  • 2018: Won the $3000 TV Prize giveaway promotion for one of his customers
  • 2018: Victoria Master Franchisee
  • 2019: TV Magic Photo Competition Winner
  • 2021: Joined the Million Dollar Business Club
  • 2023: Joined $10k Club

Best Customer Service WINNER 2018!


Craig posing with International comedian, Arj Barker

Craig delivering and installing the $3000 TV Prize to the Prize Winner 

Craig and Brent receive their Master Franchisee Recognitions

An interview with Craig Anderson by Beth O, 2023

Beth: "Morning Craig! So what's your favourite TV job code? "

Craig: "Wall Mounting"

Beth: "Biggest tip from a customer?"

Craig: "$100"

Beth: "Most awkward customer experience?"

Craig: "I said 'I Love you' to my wife at the end of a phone call. Customer didn't realise I had an earpiece in"

Beth: "Ha lol that's a good one. Nearly as good as Nick's story who accidently sent something naughty to a customer,  by sending a text to the wrong person (who happened to be a customer) that was meant to go to his wife" So do you still use the ear piece? "

Craig: "Ha yes, but I'm a little more careful when multi-tasking now :) "

Beth: "What's your favoutite place on earth?"

Craig: "Big Bear, USA"

Beth: "And what did you do before TV Magic? "

Craig: "Bus driving"

Beth: "Hobbies? Fun outside of TV Magic? "

Craig:: "Computers, cycling, skiing, lego, travel and camping"

Beth: "Last question, What's your biggest achievement in life thus far?"

Craig: "Beating a world champion pool player"

Master Franchisee Training 2020 in Sydney


Master Franchisee Training, Sunny Coast 2019

Craig with wife, Andrea @ Making More Magic 2019

Craig wins the TV Magic Photo Competition

Craig Anderson with Matt @ Magic of the 20's


Craig and Beth at Making More Magic Conference 2019

An Interview with Craig Anderson by Beth O

The best antenna installer in Melbourne

Very simply, you couldn't find anyone more friendly and more professional. As reviewed by hundreds of customers on google  - everyone highly recommends Craig and found him to be refreshingly honest and displayed enormous integrity. 

New TV points - any home, office in building in Melbourne - Craig is your man

Craig 0487 805 555 will perservere even with the most difficult of TV point installations and oldest of homes. Craig is known to get the job done efficiently whether the job is an easy one, or a more challening cable run. 

Melbourne TV Wall Mounting - Superior TV installation

Want it up on the wall? Look no further! Servicing all areas of Melbourne - Craig and the TV Magic team have got you covered. 

An interview with Craig Anderson by Danielle Read

Meet Craig! Craig services the whole of Melbourne and can be contacted on 0487 805 555 for all of your TV antenna, home theatre and wall mounting needs.
Craig is a friendly and professional member of the TV Magic team and is qualified to solve all of your TV issues! Learn more about Craig here 

  1. What were you doing with yourself before TV Magic? A - "I was a stay at home dad, computer programmer and bus driver"
    Wow! Sounds like you were busy!
  2. What's your favourite TV Show? "Oh there are so many - Chicago Fire, Grim, NCIS..."
  3. Tell us something that not many people know about you. "I like lego " 
  4. Your favourite job to do? "TV Wall Mounting - it's one of the most visually impressive for the customer!" 
  5. Go-to TV snack? "Chips"
  6. What do you do in your spare time? "We've recently had a little one but I really love going bike riding, camping, kayaking and ball room dancing" 
  7. Describe your average day in three words. "Interesting, varied, challenging"
  8. Catch Craig on the dance floor or repairing your TV Antenna!

Craig Anderson is a TV tuning, Home theatre installation, Satellite Dish installation, TV antenna installation and TV wall mounting specialist! 

Servicing Lilydale and the Great Melbourne Region. 

Melbourne TV, Antenna, Home Theatre, Satellite Dish installers - Melbourne & Geelong

0487 805 555

What others have said about Craig.. 

"Unbelievably happy with Craig's service today. Very reasonably priced and the finish was better than we had hoped for"

"Top Bloke Craig. Hands down best customer service from a tradie I've ever received" Local Guide , Yoshi Nghuo

"Craig came to my house to install a sound bar. I finally found the vibe I was looking for. Craig was impressively knowledgeable and eager to help without selling me any nonsense. Very customer oriented. I highly recommend him.. no I recommed him even more than that!" - Sandra Greenland

"Absolutely amazing. Thankyou for giving him hope in tradies again. How hard is it to just take care and give the customer what they actually want and answer questions and take the time to give some technical support. I highly recommend Craig as he provides a thorough and very professional customer experience"- Paul Y

Craig Anderson wins the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD for 2018! Craig Anderson seen with International comedian Arj Barker 

We contacted Craig to mount out 55" LGTV above our mantle piece on an old 40's plaster wall. Being an older properly there were numerous difficulties with mounting and cabling, however Craig was up to the task at every turn. Craig cleaned up after the work, despite it taking well over the time he originally thought it would take and to top it off - his quote remained the same. I'm talking considerably over time! and considerable difficulty! I was there and I think a lot of people would have given up! If you need your TV monted, don't hesitate to contact Craig - Matthew Cramer

"Absolutely Fantastic Service and really lovely guy. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Craig to anyone. Thankyou for everything"- Bianca Jones

 "Craig is friendly, reliable and efficient. I would highly recommend him and definitely deal with him again. He vacuumed up after his work. Very impressed"

"The work Craig has done for us is fantastic. Great knowledge, organised and professional. No hesitation in recommend Craig to anyone. Matt". - Matt Styles

"Very happy with Craig's service. First time put the LG Tv up on the wall, second time helping me with wifi setup and connecting the TV and the computers. Such a friendly guy and recommend him to all. thanks for making it easy for me Craig :)" - Lisa Wang

"Very pleased with Craig's professional service. He was extremely professional and extremely friendly! It was a little hard to get a hold of him but after experiencing the level of service receive I can see why he is booked out and so popular! Once he got to my place he was right onto it and got it done in no time. It may have been the busy christmas period but I had to wait twenty minutes for a return phone call. But overall - really 5 star service! TV looks great and I would highly recommend Craig to anyone. " - Robert Pattie Williams

"Great Service. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend"- Lisa Woolard 


0487 805 555 - Call now


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