Shaun Randall - Redland Bay, Wynnum, Cleveland Antenna Installer

0474 736 666

Shaun's Bio

  • Born: Toowoomba, QLD
  • Year Started TV Magic: 2017
  • Service Area: Brisbane South - Redland Bay
  • Mob: 0474 736 666
  • Fav TV Snack: Tim Tams
  • Fav TV Show / Movie: Simpsons

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2017 Joined $5k Club
  • 2019 Rookie Salesman of the Year 2019!
  • 2021 Joined $10k Club
  • 2021 Salesman of the Year 2021!
  • 2022 Joined $20k Club
  • 2022 Salesman of the Year 2022! **Record 1st!**
  • 2023 Acquired Assembly Magic Franchise - Brisbane SW

Shaun Randall with International Magician, Sam Powers

An Interview with Shaun Randall by Beth O

Beth: "So Shaun, What did you do before TV Magic?"

Shaun: "I was a manager at BCF - Boating, Camping Fishing"

Beth: "This is my favourite question to ask, what is the most awkward experience you've ever had with a customer?"

Shaun: "An old lady hit on me, tried to invite us to the bedroom, putting her arm around my offsider"

Beth: "Wow.. these lonely old women love to hit on the tradies don't they! So what do you do for hobbies / outside TV Magic? "

Shaun: "Fishing and Soccer"

Beth: "Biggest Tip ever received on a job?"

Shaun: "85 inch 4k Samsung TV in perfect condition and a sonos soundbar"

Beth: "Nice! That'd be worth $2000 ? ... $3000 ?? "

Shaun: "Umm about $3500 " 

Beth: "wow , so how did that happen? Customer just gave it to you? "

Shaun: "Yeah! actually happens quite often.. Customers try to give away TV's all the time. Most of them are dead. Some are working.. but they might be 10 years old... This was definitely one of the more memorable ones.. the customer had to change TVs and was happy to donate their practically brand new TV to me as a TIP!"

Beth: "So I'm imagining you wish that all your customers are like that? Am I correct? 

Shaun: "Oh yeah, I wish!"

Beth: "Now Shaun, where's your most favourite place on Earth?"

Shaun: "The Beach"

Beth: "Last question, what's your most favourite type of job in TV Magic? "

Shaun: "Supply and Install. That's where the customer buys the TV or whatever it is through us. I love selling that convenience to customers, where they don't have to lift a finger.. and sometimes they're quite surprised by how much I can beat a quote or price and I'm still making great money!"

Shaun with Team mates Nick and Darren

Shaun Randall @ Magic of the 20's , 2023

Shaun with Nick and Matt

Shaun Randall with international comedian, Arj Barker

Shaun is one of TV Magic's very best. As of 2023, he has now been with TV Magic for close to 5 years. He has proven himself year after year to be a steckler for customer service and achieving outstanding results for customers in all aspects. 

Shaun grew up in Toowoomba but now service's the Southern suburbs of Brisbane. His specialties are Starlink, Home Theatre Installation, TV Reception and Commercial AV. Whilst these are his favourites, Shaun is more than capable of handing any job. It's no wonder he wins the little awards we give out each year and out-performs his peers. Shaun, we're glad to have you on the team!

How to Book Shaun

Just call him on the number above!

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