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Tim Browne's Bio

  • Born: Northern Ireland
  • Service location:
  • Mob. 0474 346 666
  • Year joined TV Magic: 2019 
  • Fav. TV Snack: Cheese and Bacon Balls
  • Fav TV Show / Movie: Point Break and for movie, The Stranger

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2019 Grew the business to put Radio and TV Ads in my 1st year. Also Joined $5k Club
  • 2020 Broke a Company Record 
  • 2020 Rookie Tech of the Year
  • 2021 Grew the Business to 2 Vans
  • 2021 Broke the same record, beating his own record
  • 2021 Entered and Won BUSINESS AWARD at local Chamber of Commerce in Construction category
  • 2022 Grew the business to 4 vans
  • 2022 Overall Franchisee of the Year
  • 2023 Entering Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2nd time round

An interview with Tim Browne by Beth O

Beth: "Hi Tim! Ready for some questions?"

Tim : "Hi Beth, Sure!"

Beth: "Hard one to start off with, What's the biggest TIP you've ever received from a customer?"

Tim: "A really expensive bottle of whiskey"

Beth: "Ha! Do you think they didn't like whiskey perhaps? "

Tim: "Ha, I have wondered that but I really do like whisky, so that's all that matters! But na I don't think so, we get tips pretty regurly, $10, $20 sort of thing so I like to think they were just super happy with the job we did for them"

Beth: "I think you deserve a bottle of whiskey for a tip. I've seen some of the amazing jobs you've done. So Tim, next question what did you actually do before joining TV Magic?"

Tim: "I was a Detective for NSWPD"

Beth: "Detective hey, I bet those skills came in handy trouble shooting what's wrong with someone's TV reception?"

Tim: "Ha not really, total different ball game but it has given me the confidence to get along with people and provide great customer service"

Beth: "And when you're not 'TV Magicking' around the place, what do you like to do for fun, got any hobbies / sports you're into?"

Tim: "Motocross"

Beth: "Great, and what's your favourite job of all the different services we provide? "

Tim: "I love fixing Reception"

Beth: "Could have guessed! Next question I love hearing the answer, what's the most awkward customer experience you've ever had? "

Tim: "THe customer was insisting on washing my dirty uniform after I was under her house. She told me to wear her gown while she washed them. I went home dirty, I wasn't falling for that"

Beth: "Hahah! I'm in stiches!"hhah give me a second.. ha not the first Tim, won't be the last guy to get hit on by a customer.. ha.. sooo  last question Tim, What's your favourite place on earth?"

Tim: "Motocross track or Alaska"

Winner of Business Award at local Chamber of Commerce!

2020 Rookie Tech of the Year!

2022 Franchisee of the Year!

Tim with International Magician, Sam Powers

Tim and his team of 3 service from Coffs Harbour to Forster including, Port Macquarie, South West Rocks, Taree, Kempsey, Grafton and Yamba. 


Tim is a very valuable asset to the company. In the 3 short years Tim has broken many customer service and business records within the company including pioneering some of our trickier and more sophisticated installs. Before joining TV Magic, Tim was a police officer for NSW Police Service. 

TV Magic entering and winning Chamber of Commerce Business Award

Tim Browne promoting TV Magic on the Golf Course

Tim Brown and his hilarious social media Marketing ventures..

 Tim with some of his team - Nate and Tim

Interview with Tim Browne by Beth O

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Tim Browne - TV Magic Mid North Coast Google Ratings and customer testimonials

0474 346 666

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