$1000/ day Earning Potential* 

 No previous Experience Required

Join a BOOMING and FUTURE-SAFE Industry helping customers with technology! Our existing operators typically service between 3-5 new customers every day.... anything from taking a job where a customer wants 5x TV's mounted, a hotel wants 14x new TV's supplied or the old lady down the road needs some help setting up some new equipment. That's just three of our 25 services. Other services and products we provide include working with insurance companies and the..

...MEGA STARLINK Installation boom

...that's unfolding in Australia at present. In just the 9 months, we've done over half a million dollars worth of starlink installations in metro and rural areas; and that's just the beginning. 

Our guys are typically earning $1000+ per day...

(on most work days - some days it's double that or even triple that. Some days may only be $500 or $800 (or whatever); but we're advertising "$1000/day" as a conservative figure. The work performed by the technicians can be summed up as tuning TV's, setting up home theatres, pushing buttons, plugging in cables, climbing ladders, answering the phone, providing customer service, driving, cleaning up, meeting new people and passionately driving their business. With the backing of our 20+year time-tested, matured and proven business model, our franchisees are enjoying the freedom and benefits of a highly profitable and successful business whilst doing something they love. We currently have a 100% success rate. We have genuine scarcity as our remaining territories are exclusively owned. All of our franchisees, to date (Mar 2024) have renewed after 5 years and their independent businesses have grown year upon year. We are an Australian born and bred company with a mission to provide the highest degree of customer service within the industry. If you are serious about owning your own business then please submit your enquiry. A member from TV Magic will contact you for a quick 5-10minute chat to see if you qualify and give you some basic information before proceeding to further, in-depth conversations. 


Gain your freedom

As you start your new TV Magic business you will joining Australia's savviest TV - Antenna & Home Theatre installation brand. 


This will enable you to provide better customer service, charge premium prices and yield the ability to live the lifestyle you desire. 

Work for yourself but not by yourself. 

As a TV Magic Franchisee, your training manager, other franchisees and Head Office are only a phone call away. 


Neighbouring franchisees will be available to assist you with 2 person jobs and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have more control over keeping your new business successful and not just becoming another statisic. 

What our Franchisees Say

"Technology is getting more difficult for customers and we're the ones to help. I make 3 to 4 times what I could in a job and work my own hours. I've just put on a second van to help me with the demand. 
TV Magic Magic Franchising system is amazing - if I had to do it myself, I wouldn't have done it" - Nick Howell,Training Manager 

Our Marketing

Our marketing expertise and experience over twenty years enables us to generate 450- 600 leads/jobs a week for our technicians. We have an impressive database of over 100,000+ enchanted previous customers and we are paving the way in the industry for innovation. Here is just one example of where we excel in marketing. 

Here's 19 Quality Reasons to Join TV Magic Right Now

#20 Additional REASONS to own a TV Magic Franchise

Not only do we have a 100% track record with franchisees running profitable businesses. Every single one of them has had year on year, on year! growth in their business! Our smallest guys takes home $70k! (After tax). The average across all technicians is $120k take home income. Our top 20% take home double and we have several franchisees who have exceeded the $1mil turnover in their businesses (with multiple vans). If this sounds like something you want to be a part of - we are eager to fulfill the following territories:- MACKAY - BUNDABERG - BALLARAT - BENDIGO - HOBART - LAUNCESTON - DARWIN - MAITLAND - CAIRNS - CANBERRA - CENTRAL COAST - SYDNEY - WOLLONGONG - CAIRNS - ROCKHAMPTON - GLADSTONE - BEGA, NSW - RIVERINA,NSW - TAMWORTH - ORANGE - NEW ZEALAND - WARWICK, QLD

* Disclaimer

* These figures are not a projection and are not an indication for any future performance of current or new franchisees within the TV Magic business. 

Existing franchisees incomes averages around $120,000pa. Some are up to $250,000pa. 

These figures are based on the current performance of all TV Magic franchisees as of September, 2021. 

Future results could vary considerably based on the franchise location, size of franchise area, the franchisee's desire and capacity to work, and the franchisees ability to follow the TV Magic system. 

Want to learn more?

Watch the 15sec, 30sec, 60sec, 4min and 9min Documentary Videos below

15 sec Franchisee Testimonial - Brent 

60 sec Franchisee Testimonial - Brent

30 sec Franchise Testimonial - Nick

 $1000/day earning potential - Day in the Life of TV Magic  

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