Magic of the 20's



Magic of the 20s was a huge success!
We celebrated 20 years of being in business and created an epic moment in history!
Here are the photos to tell the story..


It's all in the details ... Name lanyards with '1920 phrases' matched the theme of the event. Some examples included; Brent is a good ol' sport, Tim aint no corn shredder,  Clint is having a roaring good time and Merv likes to dance on tables!

The Event kicked off with a little ' Magic Trick ' revealing the tagline of the weekend - " A little magic never killed nobody "

In TV Magic tradition we kicked off with our unique 'TV Magic Game'. In addition to being a fun ice breaker, the game has an important business lesson/reminder behind its purpose. Everyone participated and did their best to score some prizes. 



Over $1000 of prizes were given out but CRAIG and Daniel took out the Major PRIZES in 1st and 2nd place

After a roof lifting, TONY ROBBINS style session with SHANE it was time for our first speaker - Lloyd Ross. Lloyd is a National Bodybuilding WINNER, Ex Lawyer, Licensed finance Advisor, 6th Biggest Enterprise holder globally in Isagenix and two time author. He has wow'd audiences all over the globe and now, ... for TV Magic!

And after a very memorable, incredible performance by Lloyd Ross, PAUL summons the courage to answer a question addressed to him in from of the whole crowd; facing his fear of public speaking. What a breakthrough! Well done Paul!

We then broke to a delicious buffet lunch at the JW Marriott before commencing afternoon workshops

The Assembly Magic team also joined the event and gained a lot from the business mastermind 

Conference time wrapped up around 4pm and we regrouped for a photoshoot. 

It was amazing to see 18 of our vehicles lined up together..


Saturday night began with stilt walkers serving champagne and balancing acts..

Shaun striking a pose..


Once again we enjoyed 5 star, amazing chef cooked food before commencing the awards for the evening. We announced awards year by year (3 lots):- 2019, 2020 & 2021 to make up for 3 years worth of missed conferences due to covid. 

So, one of our technicians (from Toowoomba) has debilitating fear of crowds and cameras. We missed him at our latest convention and none of us have seen him for the last 5 years (due to Covid etc). Post conference, Shane went and personally hand delivered his trophy to him and captured the footage. Here is proof that he really exists!

Congratulations Gordon for joining the $5k club

Congratulations Nick, Daniel & Darrel for joining the $10k club

Darrel breaks a new Company Record for the most antennas installed on one job

Congratulations Sam, Nick & Daniel for servicing 5000 customers each

Tim breaks a company record for the highest weekly sales..

Congratulations Anton for winning 2019 Best Customer Service!

Congratulations Brent for WINNING 2019 Franchisee of the Year!

Beautiful Gatsby dressed dancers graced the stage before announcing the 2020 awards..

For the very 1st time!! We have a $15k club member!


Congratulations to Daniel who won 2020 Best Customer Service 


Congratulations Matt who won 2020 Franchisee of the Year!

Another act; this time contortionists showed off their talents in a very large, spectacular L.E.D lit martini glass


Congratulations Matt for breaking an impressive company record

Shaun breaks a company record for the mounting the most TVs in one week for different customers! ( a whopping - 29!)

Congratulations again to Matt for winning 2021 Best Customer Service


Congratulations Nick for winning 2021 Franchisee of the Year!



The event would not be possible without our sponsors..


It's now time for "State of Origin", QLD vs NSW vs WA vs SA vs VIC. Who will win?

Victoria and NSW make it to the Semi Finals..

Victoria wins!

The Grand Final: Western Australia vs Victoria

Western Australia wins!

After announcing the State Winners, it was time for our first KEYNOTE speaker for Sunday. We were delighted with a Brain Frying Business Coaching session with M.B.A, BILL STACK


A second photoshoot took place.. 

After another amazing buffet lunch, groups A and B switched places for the afternoon workshops..

Robert and others enjoying resort's facilities and having a well deserved break before the BIG night, the Gala dinner

Before too long, the main event was underway..

The 2022 TV Magic Gala Awards Ceremony


The Arrivals..

Was this the biggest 1920s Conference in Australia? A. Probably not, but it sure was roaring!

Jotham and Angie..



The night kicks off with Lloyd Ross as emcee in a beatifully, gatsby decorated gala venue. 

The first round of world class entertainment kicks off just after entrees are served..

Watch the Video!

Our brilliant emcee cracked jokes and told captivating stories during the intercourses and just after main course, our MAIN act blew the roof off! 


Watch the Video!

Watch our 2022 Remembrance Video


Firsty, the Assembly Magic Awards..

Congratulations Ben who won Rookie Sales of the Year 2022 with $170k Turnover..

Congratulatons Merv for Winning SALESMAN of the Year 2022 with $320k Turnover..

Congratulations Merv for winning Best Customer Service 2022

Congratulations Ben for Wining Rookie Tech of the Year 2022

Congratulations Merv for winning Franchisee of the Year 2022

Now the TV Magic awards..

Well done Matt and Robert who have joined the $10k club


First Ever $20k Club member - Shaun!

10 Year Veteran Award - Jotham Outerbridge

2022 Best Company Innovation WINNER - Bill Stack!

Congratulations Team South Brisbane for winning 2022 Team of the Year

They voted and the winner for MR Magic is... Nick Howell!

Courtesy to our prize sponsor, Video Pro, MR MAGIC receives a SONOS sound bar!

Robert didn't think he was going that well.. turns out he WON rookie salesman of the year!

Shaun wins 2022 Salesman of the Year (2nd year in a row)

Well done Jake for scoring 2022 Rookie Tech of the Year!

What an epic performance by TIM in 2022. Earning TIM the 2022 Franchisee of the Year (King of Kings Award) 

The trophy winners then were rewarded with a photo with the celebrity, Sam Powers..

The afterparty.. .. (well there was none). It was just a nice relaxing wind-down because faces were smiling, acknowledgement was flowing, our brains were fried, our hearts were roaring, our spirits were high and our buckets were full. It was truly an epic weekend. How do we know? The general feedback was.. "we f$^$#n nailed it".  





Who won awards in previous years? 

Please see below!

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2019, 2020 2021, 2022 Awards - Magic of the 20s

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2020 - Cancelled due to Covid

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Cancelled EVENT (COVID19) 

MAGIC OF THE 20s tv magic annual franchisee conference

2019 Awards - Making More Magic (Cham Tang, Travis Bell, Leigh Eggins and Arj Barker!)

2018 Awards - Magic Begins WithIN (Jack Corbett, Bill Stack, Leigh Eggins, Beth Outerbridge Solo and Andino the Magician)

2017 Awards

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2014 Awards

Rookie Salesperson of the Year

2017 - Sam John - Fremantle - Perth
2018 - Sam John - Fremantle - Perth
2019 - Shaun Randall - Sth Brisbane
2020 - Tim Browne - Mid North Coast
2021 - Adam Suter - Sunshine Coast
2022 - Robert Hayde - Melbourne
2023 - Beau Williams - Adelaide

Rookie Tech of the Year

Salesperson of the Year

2013 - Nick Howell - South West Brisbane
2014 - Nick Howell - South West Brisbane
2015 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2016 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2017 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2018 - Paul Sutherland - Gold Coast South
2019 - Brent Wilksch - Sunshine Coast
2020 - Nick Howell - Sth Brisbane
2021 - Shaun Randall - Sth Brisbane
2022 - Shaun Randall - Sth Brisbane
2023 - Adam Suter - Sunshine Coast

Best Customer Service Winners

2013 - Matthew Brandon - West Brisbane
2014 - Matthew Brandon - West Brisbane
2015 - Sam John - Fremantle, Perth
2016 - Matthew Brandon - West Brisbane
2017 - Darrel Marshall - Brisbane North
2018 - Craig Anderson - Melbourne
2019 - Anton Van Der Merwe - Bunbury, WA
2020 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast
2021 - Matt Wolstenholme - Perth
2022 - Nate Balderston - Port Macquarie
2023 - Gordon Tidy - Townsville

Overall Franchisee of the Year

2013 - Nick Howell - South Brisbane
2014 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2015 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2016 - Matthew Brandon - Brisbane
2017 - Sam John - Fremantle - Perth
2018 - Brent Wilksch - Sunshine Coast
2019 - Brent Wilksch - Sunshine Coast
2020 - Matt Wolstenholme - Perth
2021 - Nick Howell - Sth Brisbane
2022 - Tim Browne - Mid North Coast
2023 - Shannon Noble - Adelaide