Franchisee of the Year awards 2015

Franchisees gathered from 3 states of Australia for the annual FOY awards held in QLD. This year the Lions Club Camp Duckadang, a venue that TV Magic donated a AV system upgrade to 'Hamilton Hall' in order to attract more professional /corporate groups to the site. 

During the weekend stay, new best practices were exchanged, workshops took place and stories were told. On the Sunday we had our formal conference and awards ceremony. During this event we were graced with our guest speaker, Leigh Martinuzzi, a real estate guru and the franchisor - Shane Seymour. 

Below are various photos from the weekend and the awardees... 

 TV Magic achieved a business milestone for the 2015 calendar year... Celebrating your wins is a key to success.. 


Shannon Noble... Winner of a Business excellency award

The next section of awards attests to individuals who make record breaking accomplishments in the company.

It should be noted, that these successes are unprecedented!

Each year, these records will become harder and harder to achieve, hence why they are so remarkable.

Today we are recognising just one record that was noted and broken during 2015.

Please give a  massive round of applause for... Matthew Brandon..

Next we have our series of prestige awards.

The prestige awards include: 

1.Best Customer Service 

2.Our most senior and prestigious award – Franchisee of the year

 Best customer service for 2015 goes to…. Sam John!!

This year was extremely close for Franchisee of the Year. The Runner up is.. 


And our WINNER..


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Rookie Salesperson of the Year

2017 - Sam John - Fremantle - Perth
2018 - Sam John - Fremantle - Perth
2019 - Shaun Randall - Sth Brisbane
2020 - Tim Browne - Mid North Coast
2021 - Adam Suter - Sunshine Coast
2022 - Robert Hayde - Melbourne
2023 - Beau Williams - Adelaide

Rookie Tech of the Year

Salesperson of the Year

2013 - Nick Howell - South West Brisbane
2014 - Nick Howell - South West Brisbane
2015 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2016 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2017 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2018 - Paul Sutherland - Gold Coast South
2019 - Brent Wilksch - Sunshine Coast
2020 - Nick Howell - Sth Brisbane
2021 - Shaun Randall - Sth Brisbane
2022 - Shaun Randall - Sth Brisbane
2023 - Adam Suter - Sunshine Coast

Best Customer Service Winners

2013 - Matthew Brandon - West Brisbane
2014 - Matthew Brandon - West Brisbane
2015 - Sam John - Fremantle, Perth
2016 - Matthew Brandon - West Brisbane
2017 - Darrel Marshall - Brisbane North
2018 - Craig Anderson - Melbourne
2019 - Anton Van Der Merwe - Bunbury, WA
2020 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast
2021 - Matt Wolstenholme - Perth
2022 - Nate Balderston - Port Macquarie
2023 - Gordon Tidy - Townsville

Overall Franchisee of the Year

2013 - Nick Howell - South Brisbane
2014 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2015 - Daniel Ryan - Gold Coast North
2016 - Matthew Brandon - Brisbane
2017 - Sam John - Fremantle - Perth
2018 - Brent Wilksch - Sunshine Coast
2019 - Brent Wilksch - Sunshine Coast
2020 - Matt Wolstenholme - Perth
2021 - Nick Howell - Sth Brisbane
2022 - Tim Browne - Mid North Coast
2023 - Shannon Noble - Adelaide

Meet the Team


NSW - "The Cable Pluggers"

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VIC - "The Button Pushers"


SA - "The Ladder Climbers"

TV Magic Team techs Shannon2TV MAGIC TEAM TECHS Beau2

ACT - "The Starlinkers"

TV Magic Team techs Carl3

QLD - "The Inventors of Touch Screen Technology"

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WA - "The old owners of SAMSUNG"

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TAS - "Famous for changing remote control batteries"


NT - "The TV Signal Snipers"


New Zealand - "The Hang and Bangers"


HEAD OFFICE - The Sit on our Butts and do 'nothing' all day people

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